Cannon Theory

My personal theory behind the miss firing of the touchdown cannon at the game, was that they ordered alot of ammo for last season, but was never used (due to certain circumstances), then therefore it got old and instead of buying new ammo they are now useing half a$$ Mike Kelly ammo. :lol: :lol: :lol: :thdn:

Speaking of the cannon, I wonder how the operator of the cannon is doing this morning? During the third quarter ? I witnessed him working on the cannon when suddenly it fired, he immediately fell to the ground grabbing his ears. Event staff came and took him away and he did not return.

ya your right ,after he shot it, then he put his earplugs in and fell to the ground the lady went running for help.... hope hes all right....

or maybe HE got fired... :wink:

Apparently, the guy operating the cannon has been diagnosed with a mild concussion, i hope he's ok :o ... 01396.html