Cannon Street closure floated for stadium neighbourhood reva

Great idea! I'm all for it.

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The recommendation is one of 10 in a report from architectural consultant Rossetti for Hamilton’s Pan Am precinct subcommittee, which is looking for ways to revamp the neighbourhood around a soon-to-be-new stadium.

Other major suggestions include a seniors’ centre, more green space and the conversion of closing neighbourhood schools into new recreational facilities.

Closing Cannon Street, a major east-west artery, in front of the stadium would connect city recreational land and “dramatically improve? pedestrian access, said the report. It would also spur a lively debate, admitted ward Councillor Bernie Morelli.

“I’ve pitched that idea myself, but obviously we’d have to consider more than just neighbourhood feedback on that decision,? said Morelli, who cochairs the subcommittee. “At a minimum, I think we should look at game-day closures.?

Robert Hoage would happily give up his car access to Cannon Street for a “spruced up? neighbourhood. “Go ahead, close it. That could really shape up the place,? said Hoage, who has lived near the corner of Cannon and Balsam Avenue North for eight years.

I know other posters along with myself have had the idea of just razing the entire area to the ground to create an exciting space with things to see and do. Maybe this is the start. If somehow they could also take all the houses between the stadium and Main or King, I forget which is closer, and flatten it and make it an entertainment area then it would be viable.

Now, practically speaking, people live in those houses so this wont happen.

But I guess halfassing the entertainment precinct idea is the best case.

Makes it a bit more attractive perhaps, doesn't solve any existing issues with the area though, just lipstick.

There are no houses between the stadium and King. That's Scott Park school, arena and Jimmy Thompson memorial pool.

If any homes were to be exporpriated the ideal ones would be the ones beside King George and Parkview schools from Cannon to Beachwood.

If the people are treated fairly with regard to the price they receive for their homes it sounds like a fantastic idea to me to really open up the area. Has there been any further comment on relocating the CFL Hall of fame onto the new stadium site?

I would say, from a quick glance, go for it as well, agree seems like a great idea.

With the stadium being turned North South it makes sense since there would be no room for any "main entrance walk way"
It would give room to have other buildings or an expanded parking lot.

This is about neighborhood improvements and pedestrian activity, not parking lots.

But with no parking lots there are no Ticats!! Ticat fans drive to football games. Only 600 to 800 fans take the Cannon bus to games and roughly the same number take the mall express buses. How do you get to football games???
They are building a large parking lot and the city will get part of the revenue from the Ticats.
In Ottawa they are building a large multi story parking lot but it's going to be "hidden" underground the top will be a playing field.

So yes it is about pedestrian activity, and the way that pedestrians get to the stadium is by CAR!!
Most people drive to the stadium because buses are just to inconvenient, after a game people want to get home and don't want to be transferring busses. Or they don't want to drive to a mall and then have to take another bus to the stadium, they would rather just drive all the way to the stadium.

We have to stop this war on cars.

I'm all for closing this stretch of Cannon and expanding the precient. I'm also for demoing part of Scott Park, linking the Scott Park arena and Jimmy Thompson memorial pool into one giant rec centre proper/training facility for the Ti-Cats to reserve and utilize. It also couldn't hurt if you moved the hall of fame there too and make it one giant sports and recreation prescient.

But with no parking lots there are no Ticats!!

Very true mike. I know some people who probably aren't much of fans and have other agendas, thought that the idea that having excellent parking was so yesteryear and they made fun of the "driveway to highway experience" motto but the fact is Hamilton isn't Toronto with subways etc. People who choose to live here, one reason is they can use their cars as opposed to a large city like Toronto where it is more difficult with so much traffic. There has to be some excellent parking to ever have a hope in you know what of ever attracting the more suburbanites that have more disposable income. The East Mountain would have been excellent as would have Aldershot and maybe as well the railyards or Stoney Creek mountain but I think that keeping the stadium in it's current location is excellent in that it is being put towards an area of town that can really use it. So some creative thinking to have a bit more parking is an excellent idea.

The old Scott Park school is privately owned.

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“With the development happening across the street, there has to be some use for this building, whether it be parking, a new CFL Hall of Fame, a new school, something,? said Kara, whose real estate ad emphasizes the pending $150-million rebuild of Ivor Wynne in advance of the 2015 Pan Am Games. “Once they’re halfway through construction across the street, I might even move my price higher.?

Kara is known locally for turning The Spectator’s former downtown printing plant into condo-lofts and more recently partnering with Harry Stinson on the renewal of historic Hotel Niagara in Niagara Falls, N.Y.

He admitted he had Pan Am on his mind when he scooped up the Scott Park property through a power of sale process for about $1.2 million in December.

Kara said he’s scheduled to talk with Pan Am officials about the property, although he’s not allowed to disclose the reason.

He has also pitched the property to the Tiger-Cats, both for parking and as office space. “They may not want to pay $9 million for parking,? he said. “I think they’re interested, but only at the right number.?

Tiger-Cats president Scott Mitchell said he couldn’t comment on the particular property, but noted the club will work “hand-in-hand? with the city on any decision affecting the stadium neighbourhood, including potential new parking.

Kara has written to the city about possible property uses, but hasn’t received a response.

The city is working on a Pan Am precinct plan that is meant to reinvigorate the neighbourhood around the rebuilt Ivor Wynne, and ward Councillor Bernie Morelli is hoping part of the plan will include a new seniors and community centre.

He wouldn’t say if the former Scott Park school factors into his dreams for the centre, however.

Councillor Lloyd Ferguson, who co-chairs the Pan Am precinct committee with Morelli, said he doubts Pan Am planners would be interested in the property at any price.

You could also keep cannon for those who want it, by building a tunnel with the stadium over top. Other cities have been building these for years. There are plenty of pictures on the internet of what these look like. I know, I know ....what's coming...we can't afford to dig a hole or the cement. :roll:

Elevating Cannon Street to let vehicular traffic flow over that specific section wouldn't be hard to do. The model they could use is how they did it with Burlington Street years ago at some locations.

Elevating or building a tunnel is far too expensive, it's a lot cheaper and easier to detour the buses and cars at Ottawa street and then back on at Wilson. The inconvenience may be to locals who have to walk further to get to their buses.
It would definately give more room for on-site parking.

I agree. What a shame it would be to pave over a large expanse of real estate only to have it sit idle and empty for 356 days a year.

Ya because no locals around there drive... :roll:

Who said anything about PAVING over and making a parking lot? You missed the point when I talked about Ottawa - they are making a big parking lot but it’s going to be out of site underground, the roof would be “green”
The parking would be used for the soccer team too which would play twice as many games as the football team.
It’s funny how everyone talks about greenspace and getting better public transport to the stadium but very few actually take public transport to the stadium, the overwhelming majority DRIVE to Ticat games.
Only 2,000 actually take public transport to Ticat games and over 20,000 come by car!!

That's cuz Ottawa's stadium, and parking structure is located in an area with many other attractions so the parking lot will be used often. if the stadium were built downtown, then yes, build a parking structure.

This does not sound like the IWS neighbourhood, nor have i heard any plans for such.

Lansdowne is currently undergoing redevelopment to transform this public property into a lively, pedestrian-oriented urban village and destination for events large and small.

Construction will continue until 2014/2015 when Lansdowne will feature a refurbished stadium and Civic Centre, a large urban park and a mixed-use area that includes shops, offices and residences.

9 or 10 times a year is not feasible for a parking structure. Soccer team or not. BTW, any soccer team is not guaranteed, not would it be guaranteed to be successful, nor would it guarantee CFL sized crowds so I don't think any soccer arguement supports building a parking structure.

Seems you did.

And BTW.....



the Pan Am

I said nothing about PAVING over to make a parking lot - you did

If you build a parking lot underground it's no PAVING OVER if you build playing fields and then park cars on the grass or soccer fields or baseball diamonds that is NOT PAVING OVER

As part of the Pan Am games they have to provide adequate parking for the Pan Am soccer games, the parking will be turned over to the city and the Ticats after the games.

from the cities own report - "There will be a minimum of 1,500 parking spaces under team control for game day"
and the city will get most of the revenue from the parking spaces.

'Read the Para on "Transport" of the city report -

[url=] ... report.pdf[/url]
Transit: Currently, the HSR provides service for Tiger-Cats home games through a ridership growth initiative called the "Ticket to Ride" program. Starting two hours prior to game time, fans can board any bus on all regular routes and the Tiger-Cats express shuttle routes (to/from King and Hughson, Eastgate Square, Lime Ridge Mall and University Plaza) by showing a valid game day Tiger-Cats ticket. DARTS also accepts valid game day tickets. HSR uses 8-12 additional buses on game day at a cost of approximately $3,500-$5,000 per game, recouped from the Tiger-Cats through an in-kind agreement whereby they provide Transit advertising and other positive community, environmental and transit messaging. Approximately 750-1,000 fans use the express shuttle buses per game. An estimated 500-1,000 ride the nearby regular routes on Barton, Cannon, King, Main and Maplewood. Transit does not currently have the capacity to provide an increased amount of service."
If less than 2,000 a game come by Public Transport I assume the rest drive!!