Canned Noise

It has been a while since I attended a CFL game but I was at the Saturday game in Vancouver. I was surprised how empty the stadium was. The Upper Levels are all screened off and and lower level was maybe 50% full. Yet when we got to the final minutes the noise was deafening when the Cats had the ball. It had a factor in the outcome. I’m all for the 13th man, but that should be the fans not the Home Team announcer piping it through the PA. I do not know what the league policy is, but in my eyes it is cheating plain and simple. What’s next dim the lights when the Visitors are on O? I hope the Cats Fans show the Lions what real fans can do this week and treat them with the same hospitality.

I think some of that goes on at Ti-Cat games.

The days of the impartial announcer are a thing of the past.

My favourite moment of sound affecting play was a few years ago on the Labour Day when an f-18 flew over the stadium just as Toronto was fielding the punt - obviously just a coincidence but it was great.

The rule is piped in noise is only allowed until the ball is blown into play I believe. Then it is prohibited.

It is a sad comment on your fans if you have not only pipe in noise but that the league has to actually have “rules” about piped in noise.

Atlanta Falcons lost a draft pick for it.

Gamesmanship is prevalent across all sports and leagues. Somebody will always figure out a grey area tactic to try and get an advantage.

I was at the game and they played loud music while the Cats were in the hundle. And didn’t
stop until the QB was over centre. It really pissed me off. There should be a rule against that.