Canned Crowd Noise at BC Place -Austin's response!


In the Leader-Post today the following was said about this crowd noise issue at BC Place:

"... The suspicion persists that the 13th man at BC Place is, in fact,the functionary who operates the volume control. With this in mind, CKRM's Rod Petersen presented the following question to the Roughriders Head Coach Kent Austin: "It is illegal to play crowd noise. Does it bother you that they do it in B.C.? "I'm not aware of whether they do or don't", Austin said, " If they are breaking the rules, we would ask them to stop. WE'LL BE READY EITHER WAY!" :thup: :rockin:


I know you're trolling Turkey, but I will still put the question out there anyways.

How do you know that the noise is canned? Don't base it on the Rider Broadcast team, show me the proof? Each time I've been there, everyone around our section has been yelling and screamin.

Show me the proof!

What is in that smoke in your mouth at the top left?

Honestly, go to Canadian newspapers on the internet and find the Regina Leader-Post and read one of the articles that refers to canned noise. It is in todays (Nov. 14th) paper. I just typed in the section referring to this issue.

Turkey.... a Regina Newspaper? You're Kidding?

That would be like the Province Newspaper out here doing an indepth report on Atlantic Cod.

Did the reporter walk in on the announcer?

Was it Cassette, CD, or 8-track noise?

Come on Turkey, you can do better than that!

Once again, whether B.C. or anyone else amplifies crowd noise is irrelevent as according to George Black use of such media is only a penalty if you are using said media to encourage the crowd to make noise and amplifying noise is not a penalty but if your display the word clap on the scoreboard it is.

To quote Mr. Black:

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

By George Black,

In response to several inquiries, here is the league’s instructions to teams related to the use of “electronic noise?.


Clubs may not, in any manner, encourage “noise? after the offensive team breaks their huddle.

If a team is using a “No Huddle? offence, no “noise? is permitted after the Umpire places the ball ready for play, and leaves it to assume his position on the defensive side of the line of scrimmage.

This includes use of audio and video board electronic encouragement.

If such encouragement occurs, the home team will be subject to penalty.

George Black has been the CFL's Director of Officiating since 2004.

if that's the case, then the Eskimos are guilty of this MANY TIMES!..

how many times do I hear the Announcer for the Esks encourage the Fans to cheer loud for the defense!! basically he's wording it to avoid saying "come on fans, make noise!!"

but in reality that is what he is in fact doing!

And I remember Winnipeg getting called last year for that foul.... but it wasn't canned noise, it was as cfleskfan described the rule in his post.

I know BC Place has the "Fan-O-Meter", and it gets turned off when the Visiting team breaks huddle.

I find it funny that the Eskimos media actually has to encourage the Edmonton fans to make noise…ahahahaha

I dont personally believe there is canned noise in BC Place. I’ve never been to the stadium , but once you get close to 60 000 people yelling and cheering, its going to get loud. Its the same lame argument when people would complain about the slippery turf at Commonwealth in November. Even when the Lions have the ball, the stadium will be loud, but its the home field advantage- if the Riders want that advantage they just have to finish 1st, not 2nd.

Teams can encourage the crowd to make noise all they want, they just can't do it once they break the huddle.

I still remember the Rider pep band getting a penalty against Damon Allen.

I don't know, how many times? I'm guessing 0.

oh B.S. I have been to many a game!

and I clearly remember hearing the Guy say "Come on Eskimo Fans!! Make Some Noise for your Defense!! And this is when the opposition’s Offense is coming on the ball!!!

don’t try to fool anyone…

NO noise from the fans??????
That's ridiculous!

easy solution, play in empty stadiums.

Well why not write to George Black and tell him I'm sure he will be interested in your revelation, despite his shotcomings he will actually return your e-mails.

Meanwhile why do you try to turn every comment about every team into "oh yeah well the Eskimos do it". Why are you so obsessed with the Eskimos, particularly since to the best of my knowledge they aren't playing in commonwealth at this time. The thread is about the Lions Piping up crowd noise, it has nothing to do with the Eskimos.

Grow up and get a life.

I didn't say it George Black did, if you would like you can read his comments on the home page of

[url=] ... &nid=21507[/url]


Sambo, the accoustics at BC Place are terrible. We were there for a Beach Boys Concert and the echo was awful. The noise just bounces off the teflon roof.

I think all fans (except Rider fans) should have to sit on their hands and not be allowed to cheer at all. Silence is what we want and silence is golden (except in Saskatchewan!)

Start Whispering–Riders Rule,Riders Rule, Riders Rule…