Cannabis 2.0 Can Save the CFL

The CFL should lobby the federal and provincial governments to allow the various provincial Cannabis stores to advertise and sponsor CFL events and teams.

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Cannabis and face masks.

The missing link :slight_smile:

Win-win for governments, Cannabis industry selling beverages and edibles, CFL. And, yes, first 5,000 fans at every CFL home game should get vaccinated and receive cloth face mask. Yup. The missing links.

Nope! Can't advertise tobacco, can't advertise pot and Alcohol should be added to the can't advertise list as well

And come to think of commercials on TV should only be allowed to show a car on static display be quite honest, in not having cfl football to watch for a year and a half now I really don’t miss seeing the exact same Nissan commercial every-frocking-commercial-break....


I believe tabaco advertising was stopped in the 1990s by the then Chretien government.

This led to the LPGA pulling the Du Maurier Classic as a major event and the F1 almost pulling the Canadian Grand Prix out of Montreal.

Did any of those things curtail or stem the tide of smoking. NOT REALLY.

Sorry to say but I can't see that option revisited.

Plus we do have a Prime Minister that's high on something and it shows.

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I am not suggesting it should be...but what applies to tobacco should apply to pot

I think it prob did, alot less people smoke now than they did back then...Myself included

My point is that for a car commercial they should not be showing it moving, driving around mountain curves or turning through city streets....

This is the car, this is what it looks like....static

From my area (Lower Mainland) it hasn't made a difference.

The real threat to most sports and entertainment back in those days was litigation, as in being tied to the heavy legal matters and record settlements paid by the tobacco industry decades after being exposed for covering up what they knew and manipulated for sake of enhanced addiction to not merely tobacco and nicotine.

There is no doubt in my mind there is no going back, and I do not see most sports and entertainment doing the same with vaping products or smoked cannabis products either.

Someone raised the point of the alcohol industry, and well maybe there is something to be adjusted there in the future but I don't see it happening quickly as it has I noticed in F1 with Heineken 0.0 being advertised exclusively now lest perhaps I am missing a sponsor on one of the cars.

In the US, much advertising for liquor was restricted for years but those rules were loosened up about 15 years ago and all is fine with drunk driving way down though I don't know the pandemic figures and any anomaly there.

But most of the decisions that were made at the time was because of a social conscience.

Instead of taxing the companies and using that revenue towards programs to get people to stop smoking, they ended up losing all of that revenue out right.

I believe in social issues as much as the next guy. But it doesn't put food on the table.

Generally I agree with you though not on the issue of smoking given its inherent second-hand adverse effects despite all the measures to mitigate those effects.

Can't compell anyone to stop smoking as we live in a free society eventhough I get the feeling that eventually we won't have any freedom to enjoy.

We have a Prime Minister using the pandemic as an opportunity for a reset instead of stopping the spread.

Can't believe I helped get this guy elected twice.

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Will it then take 4 downs to get 20 yards if they allow weed ads? :grin:

How so? 5 6 7 8

Yes for clarification, like many I have no issue on the adult choice to smoke.

More than only my issue though is on the second-hand smoke and that's what's driven a whole lot of decisions ever since for the better or not well done.

I totally understand the second hand smoking is more lethal than the actual smoking itself. Not sure why that is.

Smokers at where we work have to outside the site to smoke now so I guess that helps.

Half Time'll be changed to Snack Time

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Same at my office plus they have to be at least 30ft from any entrance.

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There is a big difference between Cannabis 2.0 products and tobacco: edibles like chocolate bars, beverages, and chewable gummy bears with healthy CBD and no smoke emitted while consuming. And, unlike tobacco, Cannabis 2.0 products and companies would fit well in terms of player endorsements due to CBD's proven health benefits so there is extra money for players and teams by following this route.