Candidates for our new Defensive Co-ordincator ?

It looks like Greg Marshall is the leading candidate FOR HEAD COACH in both Toronto and Winnipeg .

Anyone have any ideas of who might be some good candidates to replace him ?

I was thinking Rich Stubler ...Stubler has had alot of success in the CFL including in Toronto recenly and he did coach in Hamilton when the cats won the grey cup in 86

Any other candidats ? I Guess Don Sutheran is to old :slight_smile:

Maybe Ben Zambiasi ? haha

Too soon for him to step in as a DC, but I'd like to see him be a position coach first and then maybe move up to DC later on. . . I do think Rob Hitchcock would make a fine coach. . . whether he is interested in getting into coaching I have no idea. . .

Brad Miller has years of experience and has coached all defensive positions in the CFL. I think, that with the support of John Kropke, he'd be a good choice to continue what Marshall has started and avoid having the players adjust to an entirely new co-ordinator with different ideas and systems. Is Less Browne still around town? -- a possible fix to take over for Miller with the secondary.

The last time I saw Zambiazi was this past summer at King's Forest on a riding lawnmower...he is a City Of Hamilton employee/groundskeeper now. And he was very happy doing it.

Jim Daley
Brent Monson
Stephen Gritti
Phil Roberts
Chris Triantafilou

I'll repeat what I said in a post on Jan. 22 to a similar thread.

"...people keep saying this but Stubler likes veterans who fit his system. It would take a couple of years to transform the defence to his standards and style (if that fast) I believe. That means uncertainty and a reverse from our current position ..."

Don't get me wrong, he's a good coach but I don't think he's the right man for THIS situation.

Mark: Let's say it takes Stubler two seasons to get things going his way. Is that any worse than hiring..say Brad Miller... who could very well end up changing Marshall's system by the 2011 season? Defences always change or get modified. And you can be sure two years from now we will have several new defensive players on board too.
So ....I don't think a new defensive system is cause for too much concern. The players have all gone through changes before.
The main question is.....who is the best qualified and has the most potential to give us a defensive unit that is highly aggressive, unpredictable for the opposition and creative in their approach? When that question is answered we forge ahead with whatever plan the new DC puts into place.
"THIS situation" or any situation in football usually does not last too long because the opposition eventually finds ways to exploit it.

Mark. Nelson.

Someone young and creative, someone not unlike Cris Jones

If that is not available to us then might as well go with Stubler.

Greg Marshall! He didn't get the Winnipeg job and let's just hope that the whole Argos interested in Berry thing pans out.

Don't give up hope yet.

I like the way Marshall does business.He likes the blitz and if something doesn't work, he makes half time adjustments that actually make an impact.He even made Beveridge into a half decent safety.

Speculation in WPG is that Nelson won't be kept on by new HC LaPolice, and may well be available should Greg do the unthinkable (arrrrrrrrrrgos).

Got a source for that speculation?

12th paragraph: ... 37821.html

Thanks very much ottawacat !

I'd be very happy with bringing Nelson in in the event that Marshall leaves, I think he did a good job with Winnipeg's D last season. . .heck he had to what with their dreadful offence leaving the defence on the field way too long.

But were I to be a betting man, I'd bet that Marshall stays. He may really really want to be a head coach, but in his right mind would he seriously consider heading east on the QEW to take over that sad excuse for a team that wears double blue? I know I wouldn't. . .

Mike O’Shea.

Maybe as a position (linebackers) coach but not as DC - at least not yet.
To my knowledge, O'Shea has no formal coaching experience that would qualify him for DC at the CFL level.

Agreed; that was much the same point I was making with respect to Rob Hitchcock.

Here's an informative story on the Argo's situation that, near the end, brings up another possibility. Since he's officially now a coaching free agent, maybe the Cats should consider talking to him about a possible future in the hammer, in case Marshall makes the move.

[url=] ... 1-qmi.html[/url]

This article by Kirk Penton in today's Winnipeg Sun reports that new Bomber head coach Paul LaPolice fired defensive coordinator Mark Nelson and special teams coach Rick Campbell (a former defensive coordinator with the Edmonton Eskimos) yesterday:

[url=] ... 6-sun.html[/url]

Unless Greg Marshall feels that it is a necessary career move to become the head coach of the Argos, one hopes that he remains the Ticats' defensive coordinator for the next few years.

If Marshall makes the move to Toronto, then current Ticat defensive secondary coach Brad Miller, who has previous CFL defensive coordinator experience with the Edmonton Eskimos, would be the most logical choice to replace him as it would enable the Ticat defence to make a seamless transition heading into the 2010 season.

If Miller does not seek or is not selected for the job, then Rich Stubler would appear to be the best CFL defensive coordinator for the Ticat job.

If neither Marshall, Miller or Stubler are available, then other candidates such as Mark Nelson and Peter Kuharchek (if the Argos release him) would enter the mix.