CanCon in the Era of Digital Behemoths (TVO The Agenda)

Great discussion here with Steve Paikin on TVO’s The Agenda about the role of CanCon in today’s digital era. And yes, why doesn’t Canada have it’s own movie channel as one panelist was mentioning. And didn’t know this acronym - FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google)

CanCon in the Era of Digital Behemoths: why it was needed

Canadians telling Canadian stories, making a place in a media marketplace crowded out by bigger, better-financed cultural voices from outside this country. That aspiration prompted what's now somewhat affectionately called, CanCon rules. In effect since 1971, they've always been the subject of great debate. The Agenda looks at whether that conversation has changed in the era of Netflix, Apple, Facebook and other global mega-players.

Not regulated at all which I find odd when they are such big players in Canada .

I don’t get it either. Time for tax laws to change ie:

Time for Canada to tax foreign digital corporations

Yes definitely need to pay up and they need to abide by can/con as well .

Money lost to FAANG is enormous . They also need to abide by can/con rules .

My second wish

is for sports played by foreigners be considered non can con like the Jays and Raptors .

They bleed dollars for a foreign league . If they want can/con then they need to up can/con on their rosters to a proper level if not they get non can/con status . Just need one person to to stand up to MLSE and Rogers and Toronto centric culture which is ruining our own at the expense of a USA wanna be city . If you want the status play our guys . We are too small of a nation that sits beside a giant .This needs to be fixed . The CFL needs to up its game as well with more Canadian content as well .

Nothing wrong with watching those teams but they should not be considered Canadian content because of their fixed address . This fix alone would assist our own
with the money needed and proper exposure for our own leagues to move forward .
Most other countries realize this but for some reason we allow the bullies in Toronto media to run our country .

they should not be considered Canadian content because of their fixed address
Completely agree.

Then there is Michael Geist’s take and some interesting replies on this article as well:

Flawed Arguments and Inappropriate Analogies: Why Netflix Taxes and Cancon Requirements Should be Rejected

The replies showed Geist is out lunch with US productions like Handmaids tale is all American yet thinks it should be Canadian simply because of the author .

Its the same as The Raptors , TFC or Blue Jays a US based entertainment called the NBA , MLS or MLB .

Not talking about restricting the viewer but these Toronto teams should not be valued as CanCon its unfair to the country as a whole to support the media giants Bell or Rogers . Let them fill their rosters with Canadians can con whether its 50 percent or 40 percent or regulate them to US entertainment which is what it is .
It does nothing to develop our own except expose Canadian players to US leagues . It does nothing to assist our own culture . If it’s about getting more players then let them value them to the rosters of those Toronto teams to meet our can con . Recruit them and play them .

As far as the US and NHL if they wanted to restrict or quota of US players that should be there own prerogative . If they felt US culture was under siege to the giant Canada I would understand those quotas as fair .

I hear you Hank. I guess most Canadians are happy that the Stanley Cup has basically been given to Americans thinking in terms of statistical likeliness the Stanley Cup will be won by a Canadian based team even though most Canadians may say the Stanley Cup is more “Canadian” than say the Grey Cup. Sure hockey is Canada’s no. 1 sport but let’s call a spade a spade “our” main sports pro trophy has been given to the US for hockey to win. We have given it to them all in the name of greenbacks. Nice eh???

Weird stuff. I always laugh when see the Penguins win the Stanley Cup and Crosby cruises around his hometown with trophy in a parade. Sort of joke to me. Wow “true Canadiana” culture? So many disconnects on this one for this guy, sort of like saying the Raptors and Blue Jays are CanCon.