Cancel the Retirement Party.

Save the gold watches and champagne, Marcel. Morreale and Hitch still want to play somewhere.

No retirement.

Blimey, somebody in media relations or the media itself really blew it.

Want to does not equal able to.

But will any team pick them up?

I think management wanted them to retire, kind of takes the sting out of announcing they're cut.

I think Mike would have a better chance of catching on somewhere. That being said, it's heavy sledding, I think.

Oski Wee Wee,

Both players were offered a position with the team but felt they needed some time to make a correct decision.

I'm betting YES!!!

I'll take that bet. I am thinking that the market is small to non-existent for mid 30s backup linebackers and slotbacks who are on the tail end of their careers.

I agree and I'll take a wild stab in the dark and predict they are both Saskatchewan Roughriders very soon.....(this is a wild guess based on nothing I know or have heard).....for all I know they have both left the country and will show up on a rugby team in Australia.... 8)

I'm going to say that I will not be suprised if they get picked up. I will be suprised if they make a team. The football coach fraternity is a very tight one with a lot of respect given if you''ve earned it. i would think taaffe has that respect and many teams are going to think if they can't make this team as bad as it was last year with no proven commodity yet, then why would they make another team. This happens all the time. It's the way guys are driven out of the NFL prematurely as well. It is especially true with aging vets.

mikey, mikey.....Saskatchewan???

They're already overstocked at the receiver positions.....what in the world makes you think they'd want to pick up Morreale??

The official release notice is at ... &nid=17310 .

Oski Wee Wee,

I'm a little surprised at Hitch. He has always said that he wants to retire a ticat. I guess his love of the game is getting the better of him.

Best of luck to both of 'em.

nothing more than a hunch really.......probably wrong but it's a hunch nonetheless...

Depends on how adaptable they are. If they're willing to join a team as nothing more than depth guys and for minimal salaries, I'd say they have a chance to be picked up by another team. If they're still hoping to play prominent, first-string roles with a team, I'd say we've seen the last of them in uniform.

An Argo-Cat fan

Hitch...could be a great back up or special teams guy. Last year it was said there was no leadership on the field at times. I agree they were on the bench. Teams always want the players who CAN play be on the field and the back up to be the guy learning the ropes. I think Hitch can back up and teach while doing so. Out of the 2 guys I think Hitch could still play some minutes. But it comes to most bang for the buck. And for that you need guys who can play all the time both on the field and bench.

Thanks guys for some great years! It was always worth watching you both play and you care about us the fans....all the best and hope you catch on somewhere!

When these two go to other teams looking for work I hope they are prepared to have other GM's laugh in their faces.

Hey ticatsnackattic,nobody laughs in the faces of two players who have had a career as great as Mikes and Robs.......I believe a team whom is in need of some help on special teams will get a good player out of Hitchock,and I still think Morreale could still be a good back up S.B.if used properly...

I was going to be much more insulting in my reply to that, but yours works. :wink:

Nice post nobody will ever laugh at these two but I am sure lots of fans will laugh at your post :thdn: :lol: