I'm afraid this topic is teetering on the edge and is about to fall into the burning pits of forum hell...

Hey ro... maybe you should take a closer look at the schedule:

You need to increase the attendance!
already 50,000 sold

Lets see.
CFL playoffs have been on Sundays for at least the last ten years.
And TV ratiangs for the CFL playoffs have been well over a million viewers for each game.
And these games were all on Sundays.
So whats TSN do?
Switch the games to Saturdays?
The reason?
Because CTV doesn't want the playoffs to totally marginalize the NFL on Sunday.
Which they happen to broadcast.
Isn;t it becoming more and more obvious that CTV is trying to marginalize CAnadian football to promote
American football?
If not, why screw around with the highly successful cFL playoffs?
This deal with TSN is turning out to be a disaster.,
CTV and Ted Rogers are the wrong guys for the cFL to get in bed with.
Playoffs on Saturday?
Oh my.
We've already lost hockey to the Americans.
Now we're letting American butt kissers screw around with the CFL?
Why ruin a good thing? Unless they want to ruin it??

A lot of overreacting going on here. Maybe a few people will be working and can't watch or go to Sat games but a lot of people who have to drive from out of town will be happy, including myself who is not under 18 and works on Mon. I like the Sat game because I get the next day to drive home. I'm pretty sure after the playoffs we can all come back to this thread and talk about the high tv ratings and attendance.

What, exactly, are you on about here? Didn't quite catch it...."income", "welfare cheques"? And WHY ARE YOU YELLING?

(Ftr, I haven't been 18 for decades.)

Bottom line?
CFL fans don't matter to TSN or CTV.
If we did, they wouldn't be screwing around with the playoff schedule.
Because TV ratings show CFL fans enjoy Sunday playoffs.
But CTV is NFL first.
They don't care what CFl fans think.
If it hurts the hallowed NFL, they'll stick the CFL playoffs on Wednesday morning if they have to.
If the CFL made this decision because it benifitted CFL fans, I wouldn't care.
But this change is to protect the nFL broadcasts on CTV, and NFL Sunday night football on TSN.
Thats the bottom line.
We are at the mercy of CTV and Ted Rogers for the next four years.
What a disaster this TV deal is becoming for Canadian football.

Also notice the Grey cup is being shown at 3 PM, instead of the usual 6 PM prime time slot?
The reason?
That way TSN's Sunday night NFL broadcast won't be affected.
Also CTV;s early NFL games won't be affected by the Grey Cup.
And who knows.
Maybe CTV is hoping the odd 3 PM start for the Grey Cup will keep people watching the NFL?
And the Grey Cup will start at noon hour in BC.
Great way to attract big ratings for the game, eh?
Show the game at noon hour to the third largest populated province in Canada.
And did you notice the second playoff game will partly go head to head with Hockey Night in Canada?
The first games start at 12:30!
Making it a 9:30 AM start in BC.
Another great way to attract fans, eh?
This league is being sabotaged by CTV.
They don't care if Grey Cup ratings tank.
They don't care about CFL fans.
The CFL sold its soul with this TV deal, and us CFL fans, whosever left, will pay the price.

Mr. Cohon.
Why would you allow the CFL playoffs to be moved to Saturday morning and Saturday late afternoon?
When they have been hugely popular in previous years on Sundays?
So that the second game now ends up going head to head with Hockey Night in Candaa.
And the first game starts at a time on Saturday when most people in the east are out and about doing Saturday things.
While out west they're still in bed sleeping?
And why would you allow the Grey Cup to be taken from prime time and instead be shown at the ridiculous time of 3 PM?
Making it noon hour out west?
Is you goal not to maximize TV viewership for your league?
If it is, how do you think showing the Grey Cup at 3PM, or showing the playoffs on Saturday morning is going to maximize viewership?
Why would you mess with success and totally revamp your playoffs to your disadvantage?
Why would you make your games more difficult to view for your fan base? Especially your showcase game?
I'm no expert, but I'd think showing the Grey Cup at 12 Pm in BC ain't exactly going to help your ratings.
And 3 PM ain't exactly prime time in the east either.
How could you allow your premier game to be shoved to the middle of the afternoon?
Which is why I ask. Do you know what you're doing?
Thank you.

The Grey Cup is at 6

Check the start time on the TSN website.
It states 3 PM.

Pre-game or kick-off? :lol:

check the screen shot of the schedule I posted on the first page of this thread

November 23, TSN has Sunday Night NFL at 9PM.
A Grey Cup game plus post game would go to at least 10 PM if it started at 6PM.
Unless TSN cuts right to the NFL as soon as the Grey Cup ends.
Which would be an even bigger embarassment for the CFL.
Its an obvious 3 PM start.
Ratings will be down bigtime.
Cohon screwed up here bigtime in my opinion.

who in bloody blazes cares.

Call me when TSN cancels the Grey Cup…

Even is showing it as a 6:00pm start

I hope you're right.
Hopefully the Saturday playoff schedule is wrong as well.

damn it ro, dont you know its not nice to rain on peoples rants, grrrr :twisted: