The CFL should just cancel the CFL playoffs and avoid embarrasement. This year will be known as the forgotten season as the playoffs are on Saturday.

A total embarrasement and act of evilness on part of the CFL and TSN.

The CFL has not yet anounced this because they are afraid of total backlash and they'll deserve it and will get it. Should just play the games now on Friday morning, and afternoon. The football crowd will not attend, or watch. The hype of the game will be DEAD, and the postgame aura will DIE because of the Sunday off.

This is the worst way to market the CFL, and this might be Mark Cohon first and last mistake, as CFL govs are already fueding.
So this is how it is. The teams don't want it but the commish does? Don't get me the crap that TSN is controlling this situation.

Hey Mark? who wears the pants in your house?


Thats total crap.

nothing wrong with games on sat.

zero embarrassment.

anyone who doesnt watch the games just because they dont like it on sat is no true fan anyways, and good riddance to ya.

I don't have a problem with a Saturday....actually, it'll probably work better as people can entertain without having to work the next day...they'll have Sunday to recover as well.

Makes sense to me. The Sunday games end and then it's a frantic scramble to get kids ready for bed, work/school prep done, etc. A Saturday game means you can entertain before/after and make a day of it.

No breaking news here,
The Schedule has been out for months and it has clearly said.....Saturday, for months

Doesn't the NFL have playoff games on Saturday and Sunday? I guess the NFL better cancel their playoffs, as well. And wait, doesn't the NCAA play the bulk of their games on Saturday?

Oh my God...

I guess no one told these leagues that you cant play football on a Saturday... :?

Funny we have games on saturdays through out the schedule and if you put some thought into this the game itself may attract more people because it gives them a day to travel home after. No big problem as I can see. I think it is great. The bars across the country will be packed with ppeople that watch the GC together. Why did they not do that before? Great Idea.

it makes perfect sense in all reality, as many people have mentioned it gives people who are travelling to the games a day to travel back home! more people will attend, a higher audience will watch it on TV.

Frank, did someone stick a $$$$ up your butt or something today?

Saturday is a great idea because i remember last year in winnipeg after westwood kicked a game winning field goal to put us threw to east final... when i was walking to the bus everyone was saying how great it would have been if it was on a saturday as winnipeg would've been pumping with parties and how even the organization would have benefited on beer/alchol sales.


Some people just want to complain for the sake of complaining.

Actually the key here was "THE CFL HAS NOT ANNOUNCED IT!" from a poster with a long time history of Fake breaking news!

You mean Frank is really Marty York? :lol: :lol:

That explains everything! :lol: :lol: :lol:

People who are actually FOR saturday games are obviously you people, that must be under 18 years old

I know i'm right!

GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT KIDS. NFL has only 1 in the afternoon. 1 at night. The CFL will have 2 games 12 pm, and 3pm.

First off, nobody watches CFL football on Saturday afternoons. Only evenings!!! hence the ratings!!! CBC only wanted afternoon games because it had Toronto, and the Argos like to have afternoon cause hockey night in canada was in the evening.

This party suggestion is such garbage. Who has parties on Saturday afternoons unless it's a baby birthday party!!!

If you have a CFL game on Saturday nobody knows it's there. Nobody pays attention to it, and this years playoffs are going to be disgustingly tasteless. Nobody is going to follow these games in the afternoon on a Saturday unless it's a holiday!!! people work, and people have prior duties most Saturdays.

Sunday's the only people who get bothered are younger people under the age of 20 who usually have to work the slave jobs that nobody wants.

Congratulations CFL, you are now on the same radar as CIS Football. Hope your proud of your disgusting playoff product.

I'm 23. Try again. :stuck_out_tongue:

If the last game starts at 3, that means it'll end after 6, perfect time to start a party.

The only way this year's playoffs could be tasteless is if RedandWhite shows up in his speedo holding his banjo. :? :lol:

you are so full of manure. Lots love football on SAT. I have enjoyed it for over 42 yrs. Just because you may not like it, and nobody in your shallow little world likes it, doesnt mean you speak for the majority, under or over 20.

Not that many years ago the CFL used to have playoff game on Saturday and one on Sunday...alternating East and West on Sun/Sat. The advantage of this is each game is an event. You can get into the pre-game shows and hype for each game. With a double-header on Sat. or Sun., you have 6+ hours of continuous football action...and fans attending the game live will be unable to watch much of the other game.

The problem with Saturday is that some people have to work during the day, especially young men, while Sunday is a day off for many more people. CFL Attendance and TV ratings are better on Sunday. as there is just more fans available to watch the games. That's why they play the Grey Cup on Sunday night, lately. (I hope they don't change the GC to Saturday too!)

With the CFL playoff games on Saturday, this will mean at least a 15% decrease in TV ratings and many regular fans will not be able to attend the game. But TV ratings are virtually meaningless for the CFL as they get paid about the same whether the ratings are lousy or great. The home gate for the semi-finals is owned by the league, and are normally shared with all teams. So a smaller Saturday afternoon crowd doesn't really affect the home team much. But a Saturday night game will have the CFL playoff game going head-to-head against HNIC, which will dramtically lower their TV ratings.

The big winner with Saturday playoffs is CTV/NFL. Fans will watch the CFL playoffs no matter when the games are on, and with no competition on Sunday, many of the these same fans will watch the NFL on Sunday, driving up their ratings. A win/win for both TSN and CTV, but unfortunately the CFL will withdraw a bit. And perhaps if the NFL wants to play on Saturday night, the CFL could just move to Friday or Tuesday...or just whither away and die.

I think the CFL should schedule a Sunday game every week of the season, from June to November. I don't know why they don't have Sunday games in the summer, those games seem very well attended when they are scheduled? And Sunday is a natural football day, so why not take advantage of the large Sunday exposure in the summer when the NFL is idle? Then continue with a CFL game every Sunday, so fans can watch a CFL game on their day off and not be forced to become an NFL fan.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of money at stake for the media moguls in promoting the NFL in Canada, and the CFL is getting in their way. Shunting them off to Saturday is the first step, then burying them in the media. Could this explain why Rogers Sportsnet Pacific didn't even mention the Als/Esks game on Sunday until the 30 minute mark of the show? They lead off with highlights from every NFL game, then MLB, Ryder Cup...then a quick amateurishly-edited clip from the lone CFL game? On a Canadian sports channel?? Could this be why our local Lions/Rogers sports radio station just babbles non-stop about the NFL with continual segments from American motor-mouths who can talk NFL for 15 minutes without taking a breath?

That was the best way IMO

I agree. I don't mind the Saturday games, but having one on Saturday and Sunday spreads it out.

nowadays, almost as many people work on sundays as saturdays.

ok that guy who wrote that long post is partially right! yv or something his name is!

The CFL has never done a Saturday/Sunday thing EVER with all canadian teams. The time that they had all Saturday was so long ago your parents weren't even born. So your either all under 18 or you work for TSN and are trying to cause controversy!

The people who are so high on parties. 2 things for you. 1- how does a saturday afternoon game affect yoru party in your little world.

Oh so you don't go to the games, or work? but be in school, right? what you busy on Sunday? Do Sunday games affect your time working your welfare cheque off?

Anyone with above income does not work Sunday, and watch sports, or go to events.

Saturday afternoon are for little kids dreaming about partying, and I hope the game is over before 6 because it's too late.

Don't worry it will be such a disgrace this post season it won't happen again. Too bad for this season though. What a waste.

Have you EVER had any brain cells??