Canadian's VS American's

I've been a member of this forum for a few weeks. I've notice many people talking about candian's this and that. Do you not like the fact that american's are playing here. I get the feeling that you guys think American's are a bother to be here playing football.


I mean why do I get that feeling, I thought this was a sport that everyone can come and enjoy the game and the player's.

All the player's on the team should feel loved not being hated on by fans here.

Thats for canadian's and american's that wear the black and gold..

I understand the fact that the roster or each team has to have so many canadian's and american's on each team but damn chill out.

Its a game!

I bet anything if the ticats won it all, everyone here would be on the train then.

I'm starting to think: I see why player's dont read this forum, So many hater's out there. Why read the bad when the fan's are the ones that should be cheering the team.

Now dont get me wrong there are about 7 fan's that ( on this forum ) Ive talked with and emailed. They all where very nice and respectful. Each should love to the WHOLE team not just canadian's.

For the player's BOTH american's and canadian's that wear the BLACK and GOLD this 07 season..

what are you even talking about

Im talking about fans on here...

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Let me Just Say If they are Tigercats
We Love Them .American or Canadian it don't Matter.
I Will Agree that Canadian Get alot of Atention From Fans ..
Cause most of us Our Canadian.

It Called Canadian Pride..
I am Shure my Friend from The South Would Agree
Down in the States
Amercians Would get More Love From People in The US.

No Matter What There are Ticats
From JoJo Walker to Chris Bauman
We love them Still

God Bless

there has to be a certain number of canadians on the team, and i think a certain number on the field...thats why people are talkin canadian this and american that...HAHAHA

I understand that part and can respect that..
You are one of few that I know is a fan from the heart...either canadian's or american's...

Im talkinga bout other's that Ive read and had nasty things to say about player's...

Its a team thing so to them, just love the team.

cmw, The reason talk about Canadian players differently is there is a ratio of Canadian players that have to start and be on the active 42 man roster. So having flexibility with Canadian talent like we do now - to maybe start 4 on the OL with Dyakowski or 3 on the DL at some point and have a Canadian RB, FB and receivers (Ralph, Bauman) that can start are the foundations for teams that win in the CFL.

It isnt about not liking American players, but the ratio requires balance.

Congrats to JoJo by the way.

Hope that helps.

dude I understand that part....


But what Im saying, it isnt about my brother..its about the team... Dont hate the team nor the players that put on the black and gold.

post a quote from someone where they are being disrespectful to a player ONLY for being a yankee...just so i know what your talkin about.

there has to be a certain number of canadians on the team, and i think a certain number on the field...thats why people are talkin canadian this and american that...HAHAHA
Why the HAHAHA? He asked a question that was no more silly than your crayon drawn icon picture :)

im not sayin HAHAHA to be mean, buddy.

wow..i guess laughing isnt permitted here nomore.

Hey dont even worry about it, Im done with the issue. Go ticats..

Hope the teams rocks the boat this year.

cmw…man up to this point I’ve loved your passionate support for the team and your brother…but dude, just like the old time cheer, you are not reading this right. This league has a long history of fabulous American born players, many of whom like Canada so much they end up living here when they retire. The part you’re missing is the history of the teams that win…The football culture in the U.S. creates a big pool of quality players. The number of elite Canadian players is a function of our country’s size, culture, climate and the number of young people that play football. So in a league where there is a mandated number of Canadians (Non-import…dumb name, I agree), the teams that bring home the Grey Cup almost always have the best Canadian talent. So be glad for us and your brother. Marcel and Charlie really understand this, and thanks to a couple of really great drafts this team has a chance to build something special. So chill…the “hate/bias” you suspect might be there…well its not…Once the players don the black and gold and take the field, they’re all TI-CATS. Congrats to your brother. He’re hoping he lights things up! Cheers

Double standards My friend that what makes canada so sad at times.

20 have to be on the active roster and 10 have to start

Did I miss something? Where did all this nonsence come from.

Cant help but to laugh....
Trust this: I am happy for this team, cause im apart of its fan base. And real happy for my brother. So please dont get it twisted, Im a fan 1st.

No where in my post did I say I wasnt happy for the team.

re-cmw1612- Re your thread- the Import ratio is a two edge sword -jets bro- Many good nonimport players get short careers (or none at all) cause of the import ratio, there is no "HATE" towards imports or your bro, we just want to see the best team on the field. So Chill and Peace- P.S 5' 9" is a handicap anywhere in pro sport!

This isnt about my brother at all, please leave that and him out of it..

I was talking about the team as a whole.