Canadians Playing in Holiday Bowl Games

Dec 20 New Orleans Bowl - Nevada(7W-5L) #29 Malcolm Lee Wr. 6'3" 190 Fr. Burnaby BC

Dec 20 Camelia Bowl - Bowling Green (7-6) #68 Ryan Hunter OL 6'4" 342 Fr. North Bay Ont

Dec 23 Boca Raton Bowl - Northern Ill.(11-2) #11 Jordan Brescacin Wr 6'4" 219 Jr Mississauga Ont

Dec 24 Hawaii Bowl - Rice(7-5) #1 Christian Covington DL 6'3" 295 Jr Vancouver BC
#51 Peter Godber OL 6'4" 290 Fr Toronto Ont

Dec 27 Sun Bowl- Arizona St.(9-3) #38 Terrell Davis RB 6'0" 232 Fr Victoria BC

Dec 27 Holiday Bowl - Nebraska(9-3) #77 David Knevel OL 6'9" 305 Fr Brantford Ont

Dec 27 Pinstripe Bowl- Penn St.(6-6) #22 Akeel Lynch RB 6'0" 211 Soph Toronto Ont
#15 Michael O'Connor Qb 6'4" 226 Fr Ottawa Ont
Bost Coll(7-5) #45 Mehdi Abdesmad DL 6'7" 297 Sr Montreal PQ

Dec 30 Fosters Farm Bowl- Stanford (7-5) #82 Alex Frkovic TE 6'5" 244 Jr London Ont

Dec 31 Fiesta Bowl - Boise St.(11-2) #24 Taylor Lofflor Safety 6'3" 211 Jr Kelowna BC

Dec 31 Orange Bowl - Miss.St.(10-2) #58 Justin Senior OL 6'5" 280 Soph Montreal PQ

Jan 1 Citrus Bowl - Minnesota(8-4) #91 Julien Kafo DE 6'4" 225 Fr Mount Tremblant PQ

Jan 1 Cotton Bowl - Michigan St.(10-2) #61 James Bodanis OL 6'5" 300 Sr Toronto Ont
#36 Arjen Colquhoun CB 6'1" 193 Jr Windsor Ont
#18 Michael Topolinski LB 6'1" 190 Jr Richmond Hill Ont
#62 Tyler Topolinski DE 6'3" 242 Fr Richmond Hill Ont

Jan 2 Taxslayer Bowl - Iowa (7-5) #4 Tevoun Smith WR 6'2" 200 Jr Toronto Ont
#56 Faith Ekakitie DL 6'3" 287 Soph Brampton Ont

Jan 2 Alamo Bowl- UCLA (9-3) #96 Eli Ankou DL 6'3" 295 Soph Ottawa Ont

Jan 2 Cactus Bowl - Washington(8-5) #81 Brayden Lenius WR 6'5" 217 Fr North Vancouver BC

These 15 bowl games should keep us busy over the holidays. Happy viewing!

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

There are 3 Canadian Hogs OL at 6-5" at plus 280! Future CFL? NFL?
Interesting thread thx

The biggest prospect in years - Michael O'Connor - a Canadian QB - that is rare. He's only a first year freshman but has great potential.

He's decided to jump ship and leave Penn State and go to Baylor. So you won't see him in the Jan Bowl game.

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Thanks for the list Pat! Always adds to watching bowl games getting to know some prospects from Canada

One note regarding the list: Terrel Davis left Arizona and played this past season at UBC

I see a couple of Seniors on the list. What is the scouting report on them in regards to playing pro. I don't think either are in the top 15 for december.

Good list. I thought Akeel Lynch was a Junior (he was a Freshman in 2012) and if he is, he and Grover Covington should be top rated prospects for next year's CFL draft.

Thanks for that list, but there is something I should note about it. The Canadian receiver who'll be playing in the Boca Raton Bowl is Juwan Brescacin. Jordan Brescacin was a receiver on this team's practice roster in 2012.

Some of you may already know that Christian Covington is the son of Grover Covington. And if Christian Covington plays in the CFL, I'm sure we'll be reminded of that fact. :slight_smile:

There is a good article on O'Connor here: ... pro-dreams