Canadians on NFL boards

I check out NFL boards when a CFL'er goes to one, and it seems there is alwat a canadian on the board that always comes out and says ,I am from canada and the CFL sucks or so and so in no good . I could never understand why they have to be so critical of our league. It seems like they are trying to impress the other american posters on the board.

...I changed your quote there to prove a point, that there are bascially three types of football fans in canada:

a) those that love the CFL and hate the NFL
b) those that love the NFL and hate the CFL
c) those that enjoy football regardless of the league

(those that love the UFL/XFL/etc and universally hate everything else are a statistcal anomaly) point is why care about what someone's preferences are? why get bent out of shape if some guy from canada prefers the NFL over the CFL? cripes it seems that every day there is this perceived 'issue' and some ongoing inferiority complex that has to be dealt with

Changed your quote to emphasize why the practice of quote altering should stop.

Not getting bent out of shape.

...okay, I believe you, my point was why be concerned about it?

Canadians who hate the CFL are wannabe dorks who never played football in high school or college

Tell us how you really feel there, Marc… :expressionless:'s probably true though, I've found that anyone I've talked to that played the game (myself included) enjoys both leagues, they simply love the sport and don't get too fussed about the nuances between the two leagues...

Isn't that the basis of humane discussions, opinions and what these boards are all about?

humane discussions? No animals were harmed in the discussion of these topics.

...what is your point? we're discussing the issue

That's exactly my point, discussions to include mods also not getting bent out of shape.
Are you listening?

...again, what is your problem dude? discuss the issue, or take a hike, you're the one getting bent out of shape here

I didn't know dude that you own this place?
Why do you have to get in the gutter my friend?

...hijacking a thread is frowned upon, if you cannot remain on topic please leave the discussion

You sure are a classy guy, Red.

thanks Dan, :rockin:

....still striving?

Having no opinion on the thread itself, it seems to me after reading it that YOU are the one hijacking it.....Just saying... :roll:

…by responding to guys slamming me, I’m hijacking it?

I’ve had it with this thread, sorry pikk, was a good topic until I apparently ruined it…

To the OP:

Why be so insecure?

What answer were you hoping to find here to such a question? Who knows why people do what they do but, be glad you live in a free country where you can state an opinion without fear of being stoned or cained.