Canadians less passionate about sports than Americans?

Just read on the web a quote from Doug Ackhurst of The Fan 590 radio station in Toronto the following and wonder what peoples take on this is:

"Americans are just enamoured with sports, from high school sports up to the pro games,...
"Canadians are not as passionate about sports as Americans."

Personally, I tend to agree with this as a whole but not always, from posts I've read on this site and others where people get very heated about sports topics. I also think that CFL fans are some of the most passionate sports fans I've ever met.


[quote="Earl"]Just read on the web a quote from Doug Ackhurst of The Fan 590 radio station in Toronto the following and wonder what peoples take on this is:

"Americans are just enamoured with sports, from high school sports up to the pro games,...
"Canadians are not as passionate about sports as Americans."

Personally, I tend to agree with this as a whole but not always, from posts Imore passionate? you bet when you have the chance to make millions right out of high school, the biggest sporting events in the world, they have the NCAA we have CIS hmmm what am i gonna watch, they have NBA we have ....sometimes its folds and comes back once a while the IBA or the CBA, so what, i could go on, but i digress, with all the hype and media in the states and superstar attletes (population) of cource the passion is higher there, im not saying CFL fans dont rock but one Eagle fan has more passion for his team then half of the CFL

BMGTGC, your nick is too long and doesn't lend well to making fun of you....

This, guys, is GENERALIZING, and is pretty stupid. I'll put a Rider fan up against an Eagle fan and the weigh scale for passion will balance. I'll put a Flames fan on the same device as a Piston fan and again the result will be the same. A curling freak against a nascar freak, no difference. Do you think my friend Mukesh is any less passionate about the cricket team he follows in Bombay than I am about the Stampeders?

I find the announcers on the 590 to be some of the dumbest radio personel around, proof that many in the TO area still feel that the world revolves around their small corner of it. Thank God not all TO'ers are like that.....See, that would be generalizing...........

You sure he didn't say this:

"Americans are just enamoured with war, from high school schollyard fights up to the pro war,...
"Canadians are not as passionate about war as Americans."

See, that would be dumb too.....

This quote is nothing more than an uneducated guess at something this guy obviously knows nothing about. Sure I agree that college sports are more of a mainstream feel to it in the states, but look at the amount of hockey parents that spend probably close to millions of dollars every year to keep their kids playing hockey. I'm sorry but the Canadians passion for hockey is only rivaled by Europeans and soccer.

yeah......americans are just passionate about football, baseball, and basketball.
i'm always goin crazy when i hear on the news that canadians won golf, curling, football, basketball, lacrosse....or basically anything.
it just appears that americans are more passionate because they spend more money

My take on this is that Americans are more passionate, but only because they have a myopic perspective (no offense to Americans on this site, but I do believe it to be true) on things like sports. I believe Canadians are balanced in their outlook on life and don't perceive sport with a 'win at all costs' or 'whatever it takes to win' mentality.

yes we do...sports is life

I don't think Americans are necessarily more passionate about sports. It just seems that way because they have a much larger population. A certain percentage of people will enjoy watching sports so if you have a city of say 400 000, it shouldn't be surprising if you can draw a crowd for what others might think is minor league.

Maybe the wrong word was used...Supportive? I agree with Red & White. Those Rider fans are a pretty passionate bunch!

Let me give an example of what he might be talking about.

When I lived in the Greater Vancouver Area, High School Football would draw maybe 60 people. 30 minutes across the border in Blaine Washington or Lynden Washington, High School would draw 5000 fans to the games. Now, I know we are more laid back here on the Wet Coast, because I know in University athletics, the Prairees always out draw us. But looking at the High School Comparison, might be what these radio guys could be refering to?

is that the same age divisions. cuz for my games we brought out maybe 100 people, but the senior game would bring out maybe 1000

You Prairee people always support your colleges well. I remember my son telling me about a Calgary Dinasaur, U of A Golden Bear Game that drew 7000 fans. UBC Thunderbirds might draw 1000 for one of there home games. Only the Rival Shrum Bowl with SFU drew considerable more fans.

In High School..(Grades 11-12) were the ages I was refering to. The playoffs drew better crowds, but during the regular season, you were lucky to get Girl Friends to come out to the games. I travelled to Blaine Washington one night, and they had a 6000 seat Stadium filled for Grade 11-12.....Amazing.

well thats pretty sad, i'm bettin thats well below the average for most high school's in canada.

Well, I went to high school in Regina, I went to the smallest high school, but if you went to the football games that my school was in, there was on average of 800 - 1000 people at the games and my school at the time had only about 650 to 700 students. Pretty decent support.

I think that Canadians are just as passionate as Americans about their favorite sports, but maybe not as in your face/vocal about it. And I don't mean loud at a game or anything like that. More along the lines of Americans attitudes. The best way I can think of how to describe what I am trying to say is how Americans who travel the world put on the good ol' red maple leaf on their backpacks. Why? Because how the rest of the world perceives their attitude.


Eskies32001 you are right...that is sad!.

Now I'll start a fight with my Brothers in Vancouver....I find most Lower Mainlanders have so many things to do, always in a rush...Blah, Blah, Blah. No time to support Minor Sports. The hockey strike proved one thing, with No NHL, all of a sudden The Tier 2 Junior league attendance jumpped up.

Even in the Interior support is better. I went a few years ago to an Abbotsford Airforce Junior game. (Just outside Vancouver) Maybe 800 fans. In Kelowna, The Apple Bowl draws about 2000, to 3000, fans for Okanagan Sun games.. Yeah, I know the argument will be small town, nothing to do, but the Media gets behind the local teams, whether they are Junior, High School or whatever. Okanagan Sun get front page coverage during the season.

Okay, I have my flak jacket on....Vancouverites...Hit me!

when have i not been right?

I'd have to agree with the original quote, cause they just have more ppl than us so naturally they have more fanatics and ppl that are really into sports. They have bigger high schools/universities there fore more competition and there fore better games to watch, not that i'm trying to put down Canadian sports. I also however have to disagree with the original quote and just say one thing, the folks at the fan radio 590 have never seen saskatchewan fans!!!!!

Even if it could be proven that Canadians are less enthusiastic about their sports than Americans, there's no way they could ever prove we're not REALLY enthusiastic about DENNIS GILE!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! Go DENNIS Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES!!! RedandWhite!! Dennis Gile is the GREATEST!! Yo Red u should seriously think of joining the Dennis Gile Fan me to find out more details...

But lets get back to the topic here: Canadians are more passionate about sports then Americans...anyone else thinking bout the NHL when I say that...I mean fans up here are missing it right now, and down there for the most part they are like what is the NHL? Yes there are sum fans down there who genuinely miss it, but its playoff time so thats why they would miss it...And DennisGileFan, you are dead on with the arguement of the population, but if the Riders could play in front of 70,000 people every game, then we will see who has more enthusiasm then!! Green(e) and White FOREVER!!!