Canadians leading the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's see:

  1. MVP is baseball - Morneau from Canada

  2. NBA - MVP = Canada's Steve Nash 2 years running!

  3. On Tony Bennett -American songbook t.v. show last night Of 8 duets with Bennett - 3 were with Canadians, KD Lang, Dianna Krall, and Michael Buble.

  4. CFL is the more exciting brand of football!

Canada Rules
CFL does too!! :rockin: :thup: :stuck_out_tongue:

That's funny, I thought that this country only produced quality 'hackey' players since we grow up with tall trees in the backwoods and mountains and know how use the lumber better than anyone else on this planet. 8)

Actually, to be more specific, British Columbians leading the way!

That's right, British Columbia must be a "nation within a united Canada" therefore because of their distinct culture of living with tainted water which produces better-than-average athletes. Time to give them this title although I'm sure Quebecois won't like it. Hmmm, has to be something culturally unique about Ontario so we can get this title also? :wink:

Actually I'd say it's the more active lifestyle and the beauty of the mountains :lol:

What Roar, you mean't to say it's the more active lifestyle that all the hillbilly lunchbucket mountain people out there live like? I thought that is what you mean't. 8)

There is something unique about Ontario - it is only one of two provinces that borders Quebec.

wow, aren't we ever lucky!! Does that qualify us as a "nation within a united Canada"?

Watch who you are calling a Hillbilly! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Us Hillbillies were busy shovelling snow all morning! Actually, I'm pretty modern in these hills. I used a snow blower!

Make that one of three.

Go Lions Go

There is something unique about Ontario - it is only one of two provinces that borders Quebec.
Make that one of three.
Your right, my mistake. I guess Ontario isn't all the unique after all.

Also include NELLY F. in that B.C. mix. :thup:

Quebec has CELINE and CIRQUE in VEGAS and LENARD C. , SASS JORDAN...ect... :thup:

Ontario has , SHANIA , AVRIL L. , THE BAND , BRYAN ADAMS [born in Kingston , Ont] , RUSH , THE HIP , KIM MITCHELL...ect... :thup:

Sask. has , JONI MITCHELL and COLIN JAMES , ...ect... :thup:

Alberta has...NICKLEBACK , STEPPENWOLF , THE STAMPEDERS , TROOPER , k.d. Lang , IAN TYSON , JANN ARDEN , ...ect... :thup:

Manitoba has , NEIL YOUNG , THE GUESS WHO , TOM COCHRANE , ...ect... :thup:

Newfoundland has , GREAT BIG SEA...ect... :thup:

Nova Scotia has , SARAH MC [she was born there] and , THE RANKINS...ect... :thup:

Actually, Trooper is from Vancouver...

I think the ones you listed for Quebec are better left not connected to Canada. LOL

I agree with this, I actually thought we traded Celine Dion to the US for a couple of gatorade bottles and a hockey puck (not even a real one, one of those soft rubber orange ones).

Don't forget Howie Mandel.......Deal? or no deal?

You also failed to mention Canada's biggest contribution to the music scene, Have we all forgotten the one and only... RENE SEMARD!

Even though he shouldn't have won twice.