Canadians in NFL training camps and cutdown dates

NFL teams have 90 players in camp and probably 10+ on injury or hidden. The Canadians that decided to go to the NFL may become available By Sept 1 where each NFL team will cutdown to 53 players. Aug 30 they must cut down to 75.

If I had a choice between an NFL practice roster spot or coming back home to play I would choose the latter, as an NFL career at this time probably will not happen.

Not including practice roster players, as I would consider those players to be fair game for both leagues, 100 down to 53 is 47 available on the open market . That total equals 1500 players or 3 Canadian Football Leagues full of players released by Sept 1. Very good for other NFL teams or for the CFL - bad for players.

The following year the next wave of NCAA football grads eligible for the NFL/CFL draft will total 16000 + out of division 1 2 and 3 schools.
How do you keep track of that many players every year. I think if you are a player and you know you are good you will need to sell yourself or you will be forgotten. Because of the high numbers of players available to these leagues there is no need for any development league where hockey baseball or basketball requires it. What the CFL clubs could do is to increase their roster size eventually as to get another level of player in development on their team. Also increasing cap size would help.

If we ever get to 10 teams and a balanced schedule, I though that the league could play until labour day and then give all players 1 week off followed by an 8 week push to the Grey Cup. Teams during this week could then bring in NFL cuts during this week for evaluation. NFL players will also get to know that this week is also another chance for themselves.
Anyone with other thoughts or ideas on this

Rosters should be locked after week 6. They can come to the CFL next season after the sting if disappointment is over.
Why do we need a bunch of depressed players, trying to learn new rules, taking loads of penalties in the process?
They need a training camp to learn the rules.

I'm sure Montreal would be happy to find a spot for a left tackle like Foucault.