Canadians in NCAA Bowl Games 2023-24

Canadians in NCAA Bowl Games 2023-24

Saturday, Dec. 16
Myrtle Beach Bowl
Georgia Southern vs. Ohio * #7 Courtis Rourke QB, #9 Callum Wither QB
Conway, South Carolina
11 a.m. | ESPN

Celebration Bowl
Florida A&M vs. Howard
Atlanta, Georgia
12 p.m. | ABC

New Orleans Bowl
Jacksonville State vs. Louisiana
New Orleans, Louisiana
2:15 p.m. | ESPN

Cure Bowl
Miami (Ohio) vs. Appalachian State Miami Ohio #61 Andrew Lowry OL
Orlando, Florida
3:30 p.m. | ABC

New Mexico Bowl
Fresno State vs. New Mexico State
Albuquerque, New Mexico
5:45 p.m. | ESPN

LA Bowl
UCLA vs. Boise State
Inglewood, California
7:30 p.m. | ABC

Independence Bowl
Texas Tech vs. Cal Tex Tech - # 53 Rusty Staats OL
Shreveport, Louisiana
9:15 p.m. | ESPN

Monday, Dec. 18
Bahamas Bowl (Temporarily renamed the Famous Toastery Bowl)
Western Kentucky vs. Old Dominion * # 44 Gideon Bedada DE, JC Cloutier Safety
Nassau, Bahamas (Temporarily relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina)
2:30 p.m. | ESPN

Tuesday, Dec. 19
Frisco Bowl
Marshall vs. UTSA
Frisco, Texas
9 p.m. | ESPN

Thursday, Dec. 21
Boca Raton Bowl
USF vs. Syracuse * #5 Damien Alford WR , # 26 Max Perricone WR
Boca Raton, Florida
8 p.m. | ESPN

Friday, Dec. 22
Gasparilla Bowl
Georgia Tech vs. UCF
Tampa, Florida
6:30 p.m. | ESPN

Saturday, Dec. 23
Birmingham Bowl
Troy vs. Duke * # 88 Vincent Drolet TE 6-5 225 Fr Saint-Lazare, QC # 9 Kenzy Paul S 6-0 200 Fr La Prairie, QC
Birmingham, Alabama
12 p.m. | ABC

Camellia Bowl
Arkansas State vs. Northern Illinois * #22 Cyrus McGarrell Safety, Ark St. # 21 Melique Straker LB
Montgomery, Alabama
12 p.m. | ESPN

Armed Forces Bowl
Air Force vs. James Madison
Fort Worth, Texas
3:30 p.m. | ABC

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl
Georgia State vs. Utah State
Boise, Idaho
3:30 p.m. | ESPN

68 Ventures Bowl
Eastern Michigan vs. South Alabama * # 85 Caeleb Schlachter WR, East Mich. #74 Jez Janvier DL.
Mobile, Alabama
7 p.m. | ESPN

Las Vegas Bowl
Northwestern vs. Utah
Las Vegas, Nevada
7:30 p.m. | ABC

Hawai’i Bowl
San Jose State vs. Coastal Carolina
Honolulu, Hawai’i
10:30 p.m. | ESPN

Tuesday, Dec. 26
Quick Lane Bowl
Bowling Green vs. Minnesota
Detroit, Michigan
2 p.m. | ESPN

First Responder Bowl
Texas State vs. Rice
Dallas, Texas
5:30 p.m. | ESPN

Guaranteed Rate Bowl
Kansas vs. UNLV * #9 Jett Elad DB , Kansas #73 Dre Doiron OL
Phoenix, Arizona
9 p.m. | ESPN

Wednesday, Dec. 27
Military Bowl
Tulane vs. Virginia Tech * #46 Ishmael Findlayter DL
Annapolis, Maryland
2 p.m. | ESPN

Duke’s Mayo Bowl
North Carolina vs. West Virginia
Charlotte, North Carolina
5:30 p.m. | ESPN

Holiday Bowl
No. 15 Louisville vs. Southern Cal
San Diego, California
8 p.m. ET | FOX

Texas Bowl
No. 20 Oklahoma State vs. Texas A&M
Houston, Texas
9 p.m. | ESPN

Thursday, Dec. 28
Fenway Bowl
No. 24 SMU vs. Boston College * #60 Kyle Hergel OL , #17 Edwin Kolenge DL, #65 Logan Taylor OL ** TiCat Neg list Thomas Castellanos QB Boston College #1 5’10" 196 Soph from Georgia
Boston, Massachusetts
11 a.m. | ESPN

Pinstripe Bowl
Rutgers vs. Miami (Fla.) * #3 Akheem Mesidore DL , Rutgers - #23 Wesley Bailey DL, #90 Rene Konga DL, #91 Djibril Abdou Rahman DL, #28 Dariel Djabome LB .
The Bronx, New York
2:15 p.m. | ESPN

Pop-Tarts Bowl
No. 18 NC State vs. No. 25 Kansas State
Orlando, Florida
5:45 p.m. | ESPN

Alamo Bowl
No. 12 Oklahoma vs. No. 14 Arizona * #84 Tanner McLachlan TE , #65 Leif Magnuson OL .
San Antonio, Texas
9:15 p.m. | ESPN

Friday, Dec. 29
Gator Bowl
No. 22 Clemson vs. Kentucky
Jacksonville, Florida
12 p.m. | ESPN

Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl
No. 16 Notre Dame vs. No. 19 Oregon State Notre Dame - #98 Devan Houstan DL, #93 Armel Mukam DL .
El Paso, Texas
2 p.m. | CBS

Liberty Bowl
Memphis vs. Iowa State Memphis - #9 Geoffrey Cantin - Arku LB
Memphis, Tennessee
3:30 p.m. | ESPN

Cotton Bowl
No. 7 Ohio State vs. No. 9 Missouri
Dallas, Texas
8 p.m. | ESPN

Saturday, Dec. 30
Peach Bowl
No. 10 Penn State vs. No. 11 Ole Miss * #98 Jaden Dicks DE, Penn St. - #4 Malik Meiga WR , #84 Theo Johnson TE
Atlanta, Georgia
12 p.m. | ESPN

Music City Bowl
Auburn vs. Maryland Auburn - #8 Nick Mardner WR
Nashville, Tennessee
2 p.m. | ABC

Orange Bowl
No. 5 Florida State vs. No. 6 Georgia
Miami Gardens, Florida
4 p.m. | ESPN

Arizona Bowl
Wyoming vs. Toledo
Tucson, Arizona
4:30 p.m. | Barstool

Monday, Jan. 1, 2024
ReliaQuest Bowl
No. 13 LSU vs. Wisconsin LSU - #94 Paris Shand DE
Tampa, Florida
12 p.m. | ESPN2

Citrus Bowl
No. 17 Iowa vs. No. 21 Tennessee
Orlando, Florida
1 p.m. | ABC

Fiesta Bowl
No. 8 Oregon vs. No. 23 Liberty
Glendale, Arizona
1 p.m. | ESPN

College Football Playoff Semifinal at the Rose Bowl
No. 1 Michigan vs. No. 4 Alabama * #19 Miguel Camboya QB , #99 Isaiah Hastings DL. Mich. - #89 Alessandro Lorenzetti DL
Pasadena, California
5 p.m. | ESPN

College Football Playoff Semifinal at the Sugar Bowl
No. 2 Washington vs. No. 3 Texas
New Orleans, Louisiana
8:45 p.m. | ESPN

Monday, Jan. 8
College Football Playoff National Championship Game
Houston, Texas
7:30 p.m. | ESPN

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And may I add Canadians on Monday night Football last night Chase Brown had 9 carries for 61 yards for Cinci last night.

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The young man from London Ontario . His brother is with the Eagles . :canada: :heartbeat:


What college team will Kurtis Rourke be with in 2024 ? Canadian QB Kurtis Rourke enters NCAA transfer portal - 3DownNation

Kurtis has chosen Indiana U. He will be the starter .

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Great topic - but am going to move to the main section (so other fans can feel free to chime in).



I have no idea what you’re doing . I made the Rourke comment beneath my bowl chart and now I can’t see it on the thread list .

The Cat Neg list has been updated .


Shemar Bridges WR Fort Valley State
Thomas Castellanos QB Boston College
DeQuan Finn QB Toledo
Ra’Shaun Henry WR Virginia
Jason Huntley RB New Mexico State
Andrew Peasley QB Wyoming
Adam Plant Jr. DL UNLV
Austin Reed QB Western Kentucky
Taulia Tagovailoa QB Maryland
Rejzohn Wright DB Oregon State
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Thanks for posting Pat.
Hopefully we’ll get more updates to other teams’ neg lists

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Here’s the link from 3 Down Nation. Idaho speedster Jermaine Jackson headlines CFL negotiation list reveal - 3DownNation

Here’s JC Abbott’s defensive CDNs in the NCAA . Abbott’s 2023 NCAA All-Canadians: Defence - 3DownNation

Here’s the Offence for Abbott Abbott's 2023 NCAA All-Canadians: Offence - 3DownNation

I always used to look forward to the US Bowl season and watch the next generation of players who would be coming out to play in the NFL and CFL.
But now I can’t seem to get interested for some reason. I guess it is something to do with how big money has taken over in the NCAA Div I. Players getting paid big dollars (God bless them) and who sit out their Bowl game in case they get injured and spoil their big pay day before going on to their 5th year to the highest bidder. Coaches doing the same thing. There is no doubt that Div I football has taken over as the second highest money maker behind the mighty NFL. I have read that some of these 4th year Seniors going into the transfer program are getting paid a million dollars to transfer. I guess everyone would do the same thing in their shoes because the big NCAA schools are taking in a lot of revenue. This all has to be really hitting the CFL trying to sign top players anymore and especially the Canadian players from the NCAA. But things change and I don’t have to like it but I still have the memories of how things used to be. Maybe I’m a lone wolf so to speak but i don’t think so.


Gotta agree seeing all these players take a knee for their final bowl game is tough to take. Like you say I totally get it but it’s tough to take as a fan

QB Thomas Castellanos Boston College (TiCat neg lister) had a good day beating SMU

The transfer portal has ruined bowl season. A ton of unwatchable games now.

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Football history just keeps repeating itself . The Steelers have a centre who can’t snap accurately and sadly so does Alabama . Bad snaps cost Bama the game against the Harbaugh led Wolverines .
It makes me appreciate, even more , the TiCat centres over the years .

The College Gridiron Showcase is this weekend . Canadians are involved . NFL Draft hopeful Theo Benedet headlines strong Canadian contingent at 2024 College Gridiron Showcase - 3DownNation

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Lots of Canucks down south.

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