Canadians in NCAA bowl games 2018-2019

That’s awesome. Happy New Year!

Many thanks to Ottawacat for the Nathan Rourke highlite video and to Travelpat 1 for the great Rose Bowl pictures . It’s great to be with real football fans ! :slight_smile:

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Just a reminder that theEast-West Shrine game goes today at 3 o’clock on the NFL Network. The Cat’s draft pick Joel Van Pelt from the Calgary Dinoswill be playing DL for the West. He wears #98 . Mathieu Betts, the DLineman from Laval is on the East team and is #99.

Cat neg list quarterbacks Jordan Ta’amu from Ole Misswill be wearing number 10 for the East team whileEaston Stick from North Dakota State will have #12 on his Westsweater.

Enjoy the viewing of the “kids” who may be future TiCats .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

I just finished watching the East West Shrine Game . Joel Van Pelt played solidly against the run and Mathieu Bettsseemed to improve as the game went on . Apparently Betts had a good week in practice .

The neg list quarterbacks, Jordan Ta’amu from Ole Miss and Easton Stick from North Dakoda State showed some passing skills but no high lite stuff.

Van Pelt’s west team won by either: 4 rouges, a field goal and a rouge, or 2 safeties.

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The Senior Bowl is on Saturday, 1:30 PM on the NFL Network . Tiger-Cats neg list QB Gardner Minshew 6’2" 220 Washington State will be playing for the South team and wearing # 16 .

I didn’t see any Canadians on the rosters but 3 Down Nation had an interesting article on the College Gridiron Showcase in Fort Worth Texas this past Jan 5 - 9. 5 Canadian kids were profiled: Jamie Harry DB Ottawa, Connor Griffiths DL UBC, Samuel Thomassin OL Laval, Zack Williams OL Manitoba, and Brady Oliveira RB North Dakota.

A video showing Oliveira’s quickness and power was impressive . Both he and Thomassin were ranked in the CFL Prospects list for December. Maleek Irons RB 6’1" 230 Ohio and Oliveira appear to be the top running backs in the 2019 CFL Draft.

It’s only January but the Combine and the Draft can’t come soon enough for me !

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Lets hope the league changes the stupid/STUPID National rule for QBs, would make a player like Nathan even more interesting.

The worst rule in the CFL IMO.

With the current competition for QB talent involving NFL, CFL, and possibly 3 spring leagues in the states, it makes perfect sense to mandate that each CFL team must have a Canadian quarterback on the roster . The only way to develop talent is to give it a chance to play . :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Don’t forget the Senior Bowl today at 1:30 PM on the NFL Network .

TiCat neg list QB Gardner Minshew 6’2" 220 Washington State is on the South Team wearing # 16. :slight_smile:

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