Canadians in NCAA Bowl Games 2017-18

Thanks to Cousin Vinny, my wifeLynda, daughter Megan for the help .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Canadians in NCAA Bowl Games 2017-2018.doc (46 KB)

Thanks Pat, I will be following the Hawaii Bowl on Dec.24th as Fresno State has Orlondo Steinauer coaching their Defense and the Head Coach is ex-Ticat QB Jeff Tedford

Thanks for Posting Pat!

Great info. I was actually going to look at gathering the info tomorrow. I'm assuming it came from CanadaFootballChat?

I watched Nathan Rourke (QB @ Ohio) play here in Halton (Burlington Stampeders & Holy Trinity CSS) for a few years before he went to Prep School in Alabama (Edgewood Academy) and then a quick stint at a Community College in order to improve his scholarship offers.

He's a fun athlete to watch. He's the Bobcats starting QB. Dual threat QB. Threw for over 2000 yards and rushed for nearly 900. 21 TD's on the ground. 15 through the air. 9 &b 4 overall record. Not too bad.

Thanks guys . The info. actually came from the Spec (paper edition) bowl schedule, ESPN NCAA College Football Teams site and of course Cousin Vinny's sources at the CIA . If there is a knock at the door, I may have to retract that last part .

Enjoy the bowl game season and cheer for the Canadian kids, after all this is the CANADIAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE .

Pat Lynch (the old guy