Canadianizing American Football - A Massive Project

Hehe Canadian rules.

I think that the explanations that we've used before actually serve the purpose necessary, and the images with all that text is too cumbersome to understand.

I'd just like to make one remark...While it's not a sure thing that a field goal that 'whiffs' wide WILL score a's the most common result. While a ball that hits the post is not necessarily going to go in, etc certainly merits ONE point...just one.

It's embarassing that a field goal attempt has a BETTER RESULT for a WORSE ATTEMPT, and should be altered.

Kanga: After watching NAB Preseason Cup action, I am certain that the single for post contact is a wonderful thing and should never be altered. In other news, I probably got 4 or 5 tackles today in a 60 minute game - you know how difficult that is!

The single point is not embarrassing, in my opinion. It's meant to punish the defense, not reward the offense. In looking at it from that view, it's not a result for a lousy attempt.

I would appreciate it if you would keep your silly rule changes to a minimum!

I think that for field goal attempts the ball should be placed on a tee and the punter should use a 9 iron and try to hit the ball between the uprights.
If he hits the post he has to do it again from 10 yards back while hopping on one foot!

For the point after attempt he must do it blindfolded while playing a harpsichord.

Touchdowns shall be the same amount of points as the yardline from where the play started. IE if the play starts on the 15 it is 15 points on the 1 it is one point. However during night games the points will be devided by the square root of the date plus the minutes after the hour it was scored.

There will be no more halftime. There will be a 10 minute break at 8 minutes and 15 seconds of the odd numbered quarters where the head grounds keeper will come out and perform the chicken dance. Mucic for this dance will be optional

I will give more rule changes later!

:lol: :lol: :lol: ... Another one could be that if a QB throws a pick, he gets credit for a completed pass, minus the yardage that the defender gains. In the case of a TD a new stat for the QB--OTD:Opponent's Touchdown, that way he can have a ratio of how many TD's he gives to the opponents as to how many he throws for his own team.

Ro, I swear, with the exception of the letter to TW about them and that question I asked, THAT WAS MY LAST RULE CHANGE POST, EVER!!!!!

and c'mon mate, my changes actually sound realistic, no body gives me credit for that.

I agree, and I think the same should be so for Ball Contact for that reason, and becase of the Aussie Ball conection saided above.

so the way it works in the CFL is like this?

Game Clock Starts After an Incomplete Pass (expect last 3 minutes of 1st half, and last 3 minutes of 2nd half)

Tom Wright announced today that the CFL is going green. Green with recycling. Wright announced in a news conference today due to the flood of mail from the State of Georgia, he has lots of paper for employees of the league to line their bird cages with.

"We thought there must be some thing useful we can do with this excess paper that keeps flooding in." Wright told reporters.

Mean while, Tanya Lovechild of Greenpeace praised the CFL for putting scrap paper to good use.

all I'm looking for is a confirmation, yes or no?

Sportsmen, I know you answered the question before, and don't want to hear it again, but I need you or somebody to answer it again, and if you could, say why it's better.

never mind, I just asked the Ref.

hhhmmm, I'm watching this OLN special about this Inuit hockey player from Nunavut or north Manitoba, he got signed by the Predators in 2001, and he seems to like to call himself an "Eskimo", in that he said, "this is how you travel, Eskimo style" while riding a AVD, interesting.

is the 35 yard line marked with a V?

Yes, but it's just so kickers can find the middle of the field when they're placing their tee for kickoffs. They can put it anywhere between the hash marks on the 35-yard line, but for most kickoffs they prefer to put it in the middle of the field.