Canadianizing American Football - A Massive Project

Alright, so I've talked to my buddies about this, and they like the idea the only problem, labor, and pulling it off...

One Thursday night, during High School football season, we take all the school fields in the county, uproot the goalposts, fix them so that they're properly sized (18.5 feet instead of the H.S. standard 23.33 ft), stick them 10 yards closer to each other, reline the field to look Canadian and call it a night. WE'D RUIN EVERYTHING! THEY'D HAVE TO PLAY ON CFL FIELDS.

Sorry I'm feeling a little drunk and useless right now.

What about repainting the feild. longer, wider.

It's amazing the thoughts I get when I've a few brewskies, it's like I turn into an Einstein, I know how you feel Steve.

Hey, steve, what about those basketball rules? I have a few of my own.

ABA Rules

The ABA continues to be innovative in its approach to bring fast-paced, fan-friendly, exciting basketball to true fans. The game has evolved and so has the rules. The ABA combines FIBA and Pro rules to create the best show for the fans. The ABA was the creators of the 3 point shot (now used by the NBA and other leagues). The ABA now has a rule focusing on defense called the 3D. Learn about our unique rules here and how we plan on making the game more fun and exciting. In the ABA we're "Havin' a ballâ„¢"


* "Every ABA game should be a fan-pleasing entertainment experience."
* "League play will emphasize pure basketball skills, while eliminating rough style of play."
* "Officials should set a new and refreshing example by enforcing the rules of the game."
* "Players are expected to sign autographs and interact with fans after each ballgame"
* "Players are expected to demonstrate professional conduct at all times."
* "ABA basketball can be a fun and exciting experience for the fans. We offer a great athletic, fast-paced game at affordable prices." 


* There will be consistent & universal enforcement of sporting behavior
* There will be ZERO TOLERANCE for taunting & baiting 


* The 3-D Rule light is On when...
      o The offensive team loses possession of the ball while the ball has backcourt status
      o The ball goes out-of-bounds after touching the frontcourt (or a player or official in the Frontcourt)
      o If the offensive team does not establish ball control in the frontcourt, the 3D Light will remain in effect. 
* When the 3-D Rule is on, an additional point is added to the point value of the field goal. (i.e. two point (2pt) baskets count as three, three point (3pt) baskets count as four)
* 3-D Rule remains on until the team scores, attempts a free throw for a personal foul; or the other team gains control of the ball.
* When the defense commits a foul with in 3D, the number of free throw will be increased by one.
* When the defensive team receives a technical foul in 3D, this 3D light remain on following the technical foul. 


* When a player has committed a 6th Foul (combination of personals & a direct technical); he may continue to participate in the game as a 6th Foul Player.
* When a 6th Foul Player commits a Personal Foul, the penalty is One Free Throw (or one additional free throw) for the offended team, plus the ball for a throw-in at a designated spot, nearest the foul.
* The 6th Foul Player Rule allows the extra free throw attempt by either one of the five players of the offended team. 


All FOUR of the following factors must be Present for a violation to occur:

  1. Player must be dribbling
  2. Player must be closely guarded
  3. Player must have his back to the basket
  4. Player must be below the free throw line extended
* The covering official shall use a visible count.
* The offensive player may NOT continue his dribble for more than Three seconds.
* The Back-Down count ENDS when ONE of the four factors is Missing.
      o However...The 5-Second Closely Guarded Count Shall Continue 
* The penalty is a VIOLATION by the Dribbler and the team looses possession. 

"3-10 &OUT"

* All Overtime periods begin with a jump ball.
* The length of the first overtime period is 3 MINUTES
* All Team Members are allowed to play during the Overtime period.
      o 6th Foul Players status is cancelled.
      o Players who have been disqualified are not eligible 
* There are NO TIME-OUTS ALLOWED during the Overtime period(s)
      o Only Fouls/Violations stop the clock (clock will stop after every made basket in the last minute only) 
* Fouls in the Overtime period:
      o A player fouls out on his 2nd Foul (could be only his 2nd foul of the game)
      o A Bonus situation occurs on the 4th Foul of the Overtime period
            + The fouled player gets Three (3) Free Throws. If fouled in the act of shooting and the shot is missed, the shooter will receive three shots. (If shot is made just one shot is given to player) 
* Double Overtime: There is no clock involved
      o Team members who fouled out during the first overtime period are NOT allowed to return to play in the 2nd Overtime period.
      o The first team to score 10 points is the winner.
      o No time will be on the game clock (shot clock will continue to operate) 


* The count shall be Visible.
* If the defensive team deflects the ball out of bounds, the 7-Second count does not start over when play resumes.
      o Official shall inform the inbounding player of the remaining time to get the ball in the frontcourt. 
* If the offensive team is granted a time-out, the count does not start over when play resumes.
      o Official shall inform the Head Coach of the remaining time to get the ball in the frontcourt. 


* 60-Second Time-Outs
      o Each team is allotted Two (2) 60-Second time outs per half. 
      o No carry-overs from first half to the second half
      o The timer should sound two horns: One after 45 seconds & one after 60 seconds
      o Play should resume at second horn 
* 20-Second time-outs (players may sit)
      o Each team is allotted One 20-second time out per half
            + No carry-overs from first half to second half
            + The timer should sound two horns: One at 10 seconds & one At 20 seconds
            + Play should resume at second horn 
* Media time-outs
      o 75 seconds in length
      o There are two media time outs during each quarter
            + At or below the 8:00 minute & 4:00 minute marks 


* Four (4) twelve (12) minute quarters
* 24-second shot clock
* No "One & One" free Throw Situations
      o Penalty of two shots on the 8th team foul of each quarter 
* All successful field goals from the backcourt are FOUR points
      o Must be BEYOND the division line (Foot Cannot Be On The Division Line) 


* If a held ball occurs in the backcourt and the AP arrow favors the Defense, the 3D Rule is in effect and the 3D light is on.

I had a few questions, but I held them back... Ive learned my lesson.

lol... You'll go far wiseman !

Kanga, you didn't need to show me all that...

I'm a color commentator for the local ABA team (who made it to the national semifinals this year).

Steve-O, don't bug Kanga for posting a reference to something. Otherwise, you might just get made-up stuff (read the 79 Jets vs. 79 Habs thread to see what I mean).

oh c'mon 3nd, that wasn't that bad, and it was basic on some fact, but I personally didn't want it to go that far.

anyway, Steve O, you didn't ask my question to expand the other rule in my basketball thread. Don't explain the 21 rule, but the other had me interested, and what do you think of these rules?

BTW, mind if I post something about Singles for Ball Contact with the post? I have just one last thing to get off my chest about it.

I mind if you post about singles for the ball contacting the post. We’ve been over that a thousand times.

one last thing, with pics, and if you don't like it, turn a blind eye and don't say anything about it.

but lets see what the author says.


The 3-D rule in action makes for a better game, I just wish it was a better see a zone-trap style defense in ABA games.

The biggest problem with the ABA is the nature of the league. We had one of our division rivals FOLD in December with the best record in the division - payments are unsure and only the strongest financial teams stay in the league.

There is such a thing as exciting basketball??

Yes. It's that game you play with tokens while waiting for your movie to begin when you go to the theater. You know, the one you play against a friend and during which you must score as many points as you can in 30 seconds.

The problem with basketball is that there is too much scoring. Somebody can make a great play and it means 2 or 3 points in a game where each team often scores 90-100 points. It is almost meaningless. There are more scoring plays in an NBA game than there are shots on net in an NHL game. It's like watching a marathon. You just turn it on 2 hours in and hope it's still close.

hey you guys have ABA teams in Montreal, QC, and Vancouver!

OK, guys, I promise you, this is my LAST post on rule changes (with the exception of my letter to TW). I know what most of you think about my Singles for Ball Contact, but I just want to post is. I'd appreciate it if you could keep negative comments to a minimum. Special thanks to Steve-O, I know he will enjoy this. So w/o further ado...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Exhibit A

that is the way the end zones are now, notice the little rubber points I marked on the filed. I labeled the points you get on a kicking play, except for kickoffs. Now have a look at...

Exhibit B

this is the "end zone" of a typical Australian Football (aka Aussie Ball) field. I labeled the points you get for getting the ball in between the posts, and I hand drew in the points you get for a ball contact on the post (1). If the ball goes out of bonds (aka out on the full) on the short posts (note. two large posts, you put the ball in between those, you get 6 points, if you get the ball in between a large post and a smaller one or make contact with the posts, you get one point), you get nothing. Notice that I have circled the smaller posts, now please look at...

Exhibit C

This is my vision for the CFL kick game. Notice that the Goal posts is now 1 point (and for the sake of this demonstration, so are the smaller rubber posts, which I have draw in and circled), just like Aussie Ball, and now the kicking game involving the Single makes more sense.

the other stuff are things I have added, like

  1. 7/1: Action Point (you know the drill)
  2. the C instead of a 55
  3. 50, marked in orange because that's where I think teams should start in OT
  4. I marked out some of the numbers just for the heck of it, they mean nothing
    5. At the 35 yard line, I marked out a "V" like BigDave told me the fields have.

Exhibit D

another pic of the end zones to prove my point why the Singles of contact work.

now, finally Exhibit E

that's just Sena from Eyeshield 21, thought I'd add that to relieve the tension. Possible Avatar I may use in the future.

OK, here is the rule that I saw while watch a bit of NFLE.

Game Clock Starts After an Incomplete Pass (expect last 2 minutes of 1st half, and last 5 minutes of 2nd half)

that is done in the CFL as well right? (but not during the last 3 minutes or each half).

I see it now… Canadian “Rules” Football… :roll:

that's a cool way of thinking about it.