Canadian Women's Open

OK, there are some wonderful things in life and sports

Watching Cyborg (Cristiane Santos) fight in MMA
Anything Amy Acker conjures up in TV or film
Sarah Shahi’s unique voice & statuesque beauty

Lady Gaga’s performance art
Arianna Grande on stage
A Springsteen Concert
A Nick Cave vinyl LP

now, there’s Brooke Henderson in ladies golf.

What an amazing performance this young (20 yrs old) performer from Smith Falls, Ontario put on today.

Challenged by the giant and long-hitting asian-american Angel Yin, Henderson holed shot after shot to suppress Yin and all other asian threats to win going away.

The emotions of this great canadian athlete after the win was something to behold.

Mostly in check but starting to cry when thinking of her two grand-fathers, who passed away in the same year, within months of each other.

Getting drenched by champagne by fellow canadian pro golfers who idolize her.

And then, spontaneously as the rain falls on Regina, the tourney is over, Brooke has been handed her cheque and is doing her final interview with Jerry Foltz, Lorie Kane, the last great one in canadian golf gets the crowd going with a fine rendition of O Canada.

O Canada

Lorie Kane

Joining the great ones of canadian golf - Sandra Post, George Knudson, Mike Weir.

Now Brooke Henderson.

On tour.

We Stand on Guard.

For thee!!!

I wonder when Brooke will sponsored by Canopy Growth the major player/ employer in Smiths Falls future fortunes .

Congrats to Brooke Henderson on a convincing victory. She played great, 1st Canadian in 45 years to win the National Open. No complaints about playing on a course that has just ordinary golfers playing on it that might make playing conditions not penultimate. That Giovinco guy, on the Toronto soccer team could learn a lesson on toughness from Brooke. Canadian toughness there Giovinco, you might learn something. :-*

Oops, didn’t realize Lyle already started a thread on Brooke’s win. I should have known from Lyle’s title of the thread is was about that. :-*

Snoop in Smiths Falls yesterday at the annual shin dig .

Snoop is one of the investors at Canopy (Tweed) .

what is a wonderful thing in life?

that would be my wife. doesn’t get any better

what is a wonderful thing in sport?

me when I was at my best. it felt sooooooooo good.

Everything I guess including sorrow which as this suggests, can be viewed as part of a full life, well we are all going to experience it so may as well embrace it rather than deny it.

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