Canadian Women's Gridiron Football 2023

I think it's time for a new thread on women's football.

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so awesome. i sure wish this was a thing when i was younger and nimble, and not old and broken down. lol


New league starting up for Ontario girls:

Get ready for the inaugural Ontario Women’s Football League, which will start next spring for teams in the U19 and U16 divisions and run over three months.


Cumberland is one of a dozen Ontario communities which have expressed an interest in joining the OWFL. The others are Burlington, Brantford, Cambridge, Guelph, Huronia, London, Niagara Generals, Niagara Spears, Oakville, Peel and Waterloo.

Football Ontario said the purpose of the OWFL is “to develop a league where girls and young women, often marginalised in the sport of football, can find like-minded teammates and participate in the sport without being limited to the periphery due to barriers, both real and perceived.”


Look on the bright side Griddy. If you'd played a few years of Women's tackle football you'd have been old and broken down sooner like the rest of us Geezers.

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this is awesome.

was kinda wishing they were going to be called the Viqueens just for @Jon ’s amusement lol


Gridiron Girls! :football: :woman:

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Team Ontario tryouts:

Team Ontario coaches:

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I might've missed this article last fall. But there's some promising info for women's tackle league growth this spring:

In spring 2022, the Cumberland Panthers launched the Girls/Women’s Tackle program, with three teams (U13/U16/U19) that practiced only. This fall, the Cumberland Panthers have placed a U18 team in the new OFFL Women’s Tackle division, which also includes the U18 York Region Lions and the U18 London WOLFPAAC . In spring 2023, full division will be added in the OSFL with up to 12 different teams.

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holy that Bisons QB has a decent arm!

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This is a fun story. The CFL should be all over promoting this to its followers:

Last year, @legallyjenn1982 suited up with her daughter @julianna_raposo for the Winnipeg Wolfpack]! Here are some of her thoughts!

“My daughter has played football since she was 13/14 and I’ve always admired her drive and tenacity.

Practicing with her and against her and just the pride of being on the field together was surreal!

It gave me so much more respect and admira

tion for her as an athlete!

We shared a tackle together which was awesome!

Was I great - not by any means but not once did she get embarrassed if anything she cheered me on the loudest I’ve ever been cheered for!

To be able to share in the sport your child loves is a blessing and to be females and play the sport together is so empowering!

This will be one of my favourite memories for the rest of my life!”

There’s always room for more people looking to pursue their passion or start playing women’s football for the first time! Head to Winnipeg Wolfpack] social media for more info.


this is amazing. thank you for sharing.


And just cause I like the logo:

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OTTAWA, ON – The second edition of the Women’s U18 Tackle National Championship will feature seven provincial teams and the National Indigenous Team in Ottawa, ON, from July 23 to 29, 2023.

“We look forward to this year’s championship as we continue to grow football for women and girls,” said Football Canada’s Executive Director Shannon Donovan.

“The participation of an indigenous team, through the leadership provided by former Regional Chief for the Assembly of First Nations Kevin Hart, General Manager of team operations Gordon Petruic, and our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee led by Jason Lafferty, is truly enriching,” she added.

Hart, a member of the Manitoba Football Hall of Fame, has been on a two-year journey to unite football and Indigenous culture in one team.

“With the tournament taking place on unceded Anishinaabe Algonquin Territory and in the Capital of Canada, Ottawa, it is fitting for Football Canada to take this major step towards Indigenous inclusion,” Hart said.

“By participating in this grassroots effort, Football Canada has acknowledged our unique history in this country and started the journey towards answering the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action. We thank them for this opportunity,” Hart concluded.

“When we started our indigenous outreach in 2021, one of the first people I talked with was Kevin Hart. He shared his passion for football and the impact it could have on indigenous communities,” said Football Canada’s President Jim Mullin.

“We are thrilled that we can take the next step with him to get us closer to our shared Truth and Reconciliation goals,” Mullin added.

Teams from Alberta, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Ontario (2), Manitoba, Quebec, and the National Indigenous Team will compete for the national championship over three days of action-packed football.

The tournament will begin with seeding games on July 23rd, after which teams will be allocated to two pools based on their results and previous rankings. Alberta (2022 Champions) and Saskatchewan will open play with a battle for the first seed, while New Brunswick will first kickoff against Quebec, Ontario (Red) against Manitoba, and two newcomers, Ontario (Black) and the National Indigenous Team, will round up day one.

The second day of competition, July 26th will feature semi-final games that will determine which teams will play for gold on the last game day, July 29th. A detailed event schedule will be distributed closer to the start of the competition.

For additional information on the Women’s Under-18 National Tackle Football Championship and other Football Canada programs, visit