Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum Flypasts

Well, since the following airplane has been flying over Mount Hope for the past hour, it's probably a good bet that this is your "fly past" display during the pregame tonight.....this is a very, very cool plane...!!

The wingspread alone is massive. :o

You can read up on it here so you'll know what you're seeing tonight (assuming I'm correct that it's the fly-past plane tonight):

I love these fly-pasts at the games! :thup:

This plane looks to be equipped with supply drop doors on the bottom.......any word on if the plane will be dropping play books for the Ticat offence?

They'll be dropping a smart bomb at the Moes bench with muscle relaxants and filming a cool Pro Line commercial,so wave and smile and ahhh hold your breath for a while.

Wind conditions have to be favorible for this to occur ....

The fly-byes have been highlights of most evenings at Ivor Wynne. Wouldn't it be great if they pasted over just as the national anthem was finishing. Especially when the Lancaster and the other military planes appear.

I live on the mountain and its 6 pm and I just saw that plane fly over on the way to the stadium.

Well, we were right....the "Canso" certainly was the "fly-past" plane tonight....I enjoyed it and hope everyone else did....

I'll be your "airport spy" for the last two home games since it's in my backyard and let you know what's coming so we can study up on the plane before it arrives..... :smiley:

class dismissed.... :wink:

Excellent flypasts this season. Only the Saskatchewan game was “weathered out”.

Canso (two games!)

Since the last two games are earlier starts, should be (weather-permitting) more chances to see some CWHM gems.