Canadian W(h)ine Industry

Am I the only one noticing, and getting tired of, the barrage of negative comments about all things CFL on these forums?

Why do people watch the league if they are so unhappy about so much to do with the CFL?
I find it exhausting to read how the league doesn’t cater to every whim of every fan - and yes, I know that I don’t HAVE to read any of it, but is there anything about the CFL that makes you enjoy watching the games? I’m not reading much in that regard here.

Games should not be scheduled on Sundays when the NFL plays.
Games should be scheduled on Sundays because the TV ratings are better on that day.
Games should not be scheduled on Remembrance Day.
There should be a game scheduled for every day from Thursday to Sunday.
There should be no triple headers scheduled.
The NFL schedules triple headers, so the CFL should as well.
Games should be scheduled to favour the fans attending the games.
Games should be scheduled to maximize the TV viewing audience.
Games should be scheduled to maximize the U.S. viewership.
B.C. Lions home games should start earlier to minimize their “unfair advantage”.

TSN shouldn’t control the schedule.
TSN pays big money to broadcast the games and should therefore be able to dictate the schedule.
TSN should not be the sole broadcaster of CFL games.
Bell should put the CFL on CTV.

Stop changing the uniforms so often.
Don’t change the uniforms at all.
I wish Team X would change its uniforms.
I wish Team X would stick to colours X/Y/Z.
The old logo(s) were better.
The new logo is better.

The referees suck.
Referee (insert name here) should be fired.
There should be more coaches challenges.
There should be no coaches challenges.
The command centre should be able to…review every play?
But, the games are too long.

The league isn’t protecting the players enough.
The league isn’t protecting the quarterbacks enough.
There should be suspensions for…everything it seems.
Players should be paid more.
The CFLPA needs to be stronger.
CFL teams are just getting by financially.

The league should go to one division.
The league should follow tradition and keep the east and west divisions.

I could go on (and may add to this list).

If people are so dissatisfied with the CFL, either contact those who have the power to make changes and urge them to make the changes you wish, or accept that you don’t call the shots and decide whether you still wish to watch.

No, I’m not happy with everything in the CFL either, but the level of whininess recently has skyrocketed imo.
And it’s tiresome.

/rant (for now)

The CFL is far from perfect, but for all it’s flaws it’s still the most entertaining product there is. People like to complain, and in the case of the CFL it speaks as much to Canadians inferiority complex as anything.

Why I don’t’ come on here as much as I used to and my goal should probably be to never visit this forum site again for my own well-being and caring for the league I love. Very often this site brings me down but to be honest, this is the only online forum site I belong to so maybe this is the norm for online sports sites knowing of course the CFL is a very different beast than any other North American pro sports league and probably will have, as a result, a very different “forum flavour” with regards to intentions and motivations of posts and threads.

The nature of this forum probably images the very peculiar and unique, as some might say in this day and age of pro sports in North America, the very essence of the CFL itself. And Canadian football in general.

As stampedecity says though, the CFL is just one heck of an entertainment product for the most part despite some weaknesses but remember these weaknesses are all being compared to the main 4 major leagues that have American dollars and are controlled and operated by, for the most part, Americans. Then there is the MLS which is sort of a mix of sorts of the main 4 major leagues dashed in with a bit of CFL flavour. And a different “one entity” way of operation. Again unique but the MLS is a whole different conversation of course, not exactly sure where the MLS is but again, American controlled and operated for the very most part like the main big 4.

The CFL really does stand on it’s own island.

Complaining about the refs is only politically correct on game day.

I agree. If there was Oylimpics for whining Canadians would win the GOLD every time. We take our country for granted and don't realize how great we all actually have it here. We even have better football. However , some of us think if is American it must be better. Sad but true!!!

I find this on every sports or news article that is open to discussion.

People tend to be drawn to the negative, and in this country in Particular.

Trolls also have a significant part as they direct conversations towards the negative as well.

Maybe its a reaction to winter weather in Canada, by getting heated over the smallest thing, it keeps people warm.

You make a good point, Ice. I’d like to accentuate it by clarifying my stand on some issues of the day.

I’d be happy if they kept everything the way it is.

I’m thrilled that they’re adding a 10th team in the Maritimes.

I like the playoff format the way it is, even with the crossover; and I love the East-West Grey Cup. Though I hope we never have another crossover season: I like when the league is even enough that the top six teams in the league are the top three in each division

I like that they took away coaches’ right to challenge illegal contact. I like that they reduced to one challenge. I’d be okay if they decided to give coaches another challenge if their first one is successful; but that’s it.

I like that they’re working to discourage those head shots that are knocking players unconscious. Do they still have work to do? Of course. Allowing the eye-in-the-sky to catch those hits that the officials miss would help; stiffer in-game penalties (like 25-yard disqualification for leaving your feet and leading with your head) should discourage it. But at least they’re headed in the right direction.

I wish they’d stop scheduling games in B.C. against eastern teams at 10pm. (If you don’t think it gives them an unfair advantage, look at the games between the Lions and Ticats: despite an overtime loss in Vancouver, Hamilton outscored the Lions 88-18 in the two games played during the day.) But this makes winning there all the more meaningful, and it certainly doesn’t discourage me from watching.

There are uniforms I don’t like, but they’re not my team’s, so I don’t care. Makes it easier to hate the opponents when they’re in gawd-awful uniforms with hideous or silly logos on their helmet.

I don’t mind the triple-headers, but I wish they would only do it maybe a couple of times a year. It was great the week after Labour Day with the three rematches. But it does get tiring, plus I like the games spread out more.

So as you can see, my relationship with the CFL is like a marriage: I love it the way it is, and though there are some things I might change, I’m willing to live with those as well, happy with the CFL as a whole.

Forums basically exist to enable people to complain about the subject matter at hand. :)It can get a little ponderous because things tend to spin round and round, but what can you do.

Is there an ‘ignore thread’ feature on this site. If not, can one be added?

It’s a nice compromise to not look at threads that will irritate people while keeping them around for those who wish to discuss.

I’d have a long list :wink:

…how does an ‘ignore thread’ function work? wouldn’t you have to look at a thread in order to determine if you are irritated by it to decide then if you should ignore it or not, but by looking at it you’re already irritated by it enough to ignore it, in the end you’re still irritated…ouch, my brain…

…also, I dare you to try not to think of an elephant right now…

The biggest problem with the CFL forums, is that there are not enough polls!

The forums could also have a few more “Fire _____” threads. :slight_smile:

In other forums I visit, it works once you’re logged in. Yes, you have to see it firstbut there’s an ignore thread option next to it.

Clicking it will remove it and the forum fromviewhas a menu where you can look at your ignore threads (some even have ignore forums!) if you wish to un-ignore them later.

It would be helpful next time a ‘one division’ or ‘remove the ratio’ or ‘move the Argos to Moose Factory’ threads come up…I don’t even have to read them!

Elephant :wink:

Not sure wearing blinders around this site or in the world works well .

Never even thought about ignoring any poster here and the one’s that were anti CFL seem to have gone away so it’s much easier to read posts now than ever .

There were a few who always would play the negative to anything .

The CFL has survived but in no way flourishes .

That is why so many on here have ideas whether they are agreeable or not they are only ideas .

To say the CFL doesn’t need any changes anywhere is like saying you don’t need to change your underwear .

The three largest markets are thin in paying customers .

It has to be done to survive in the marketplace . It’s a business and many forget that on this forum .

Still better than the U.S. wine industry.


It sounds like you are whining about the whining. ;D

I love the CFL.The quirks make it better.

Awesome Big Dave. I’m with you on pretty well everything. I believe the CFL too often gets compared to the colossus down south. There are a lot of things that make this sport an awesome one to watch.

I had to get over the fact that there is a small subset of ticat fans on this board, who are very vocal, and do not represent the majority of the fans…spending time on the Ticats board is extremely frustrating, but then I go to a game and realize the fans that go to the games =/= this subset of “fans” on the ticats forum.

Now I don’t take any of the comments seriously, in fact, most I take as a joke. It’s easier than trying to make sense of some of the fans feelings.

CFL is the most entertaining sport on TV.

I hope in 20 more years from now I still feel the same way.