Canadian university football finally gets its due

[i]Canadian university football finally gets its due [/i]

Bruce Dowbiggin

Is there a more undervalued sports property in Canada than Canadian Interuniversity Sport football? With the NFL, National Collegiate Athletic Association and CFL hogging all the oxygen in the room on a weekly basis, it’s easy to forget that Canadian university football, which feeds so many players to the CFL, even exists. The public likely takes its cue from the schools that constitute the CIS teams. While U.S. schools use sports to extend their brand and raise funds, most Canadian universities treat football like a socially awkward cousin, acting as if it’s beneath them to mingle with the jock crowd.

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I think the smarter universities, if you will, really want to have an excellent football program for the simple reason of attracting and not losing some 40-50 or so students to other universities that could recruit. I know from personal experience UWO recruits and at UWO Greg Marshall says you play football and no other university sport at the varsity level. It's serious. I'm sure the opposite is at the Univ. of Toronto for various reasons. Probably some influential academics running the administration who are still stuck with the mentality that a contact sport like football is beneath, too neandrathal for them. and their one-sided brains can't figure out it's very doable to love the arts and sport at the same time and see the similarities and synergies with the two.