canadian university draft - options NOT

we are obviously going to ge the first pick ... again

our options are two...

pick first and either... watch the guy bomb (Baumann) or be injured and out (Barker)
memo to OBie... no more persons whos surname starts with a B
it just brings BBBBad luck

trade away first round pick for existing talent on another team..
of course then the issue is where do we plug first?

its apparent that the NFL pipeline we were all dreaming about as our salvation is not giving us Texas Crude...I remember back in the early sixties when we bottomed out and then with Jungle Jim Trimble we were able to tap into the Giants machine

  • got us john barrow and company ..
    and then we traded for the rights for garney henley

and a DYNASTY was born

Now it appears that under Obie we are tied to the Colts
and that has given us

the sum total of one canadian receiver Giguere on THEIR practise roster and a few two day tryouts from the latest Colt cuts that have washed up on our shores and not panned out.

Neat mess we are in

we cant afford to buy Canadian anymore because the learning and earning curve appears too steep and we cant seem to intelligently select American..

face it... picking up printers and keith is simply recycling CFL style

the airlift is a bust- maybe we can build a Barton Street Barn (like the old Red Wings used to play in) and start up an Arena Football team...