Canadian TV: US Presidential Debates

What do networks like CTV, Global, etc., air when the US networks carry the Presidential Debates? Re-airings of regularly scheduled programs?

I think you might overestimate the ratings US presidential debates get. Or maybe I'm underestimating them? I don't think as many people tune in as we think.

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I dont think I have ever watched one, and I am sure I dont want to listen to Trump.

I just hope it ends right.

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here in BC, we are unaffected. First hour is our 6 pm news hour, followed by 1 hr of regularly scheduled misc half hour shows.

Finally!! This should make for some good television📺

yeah, it should give the late night hosts some really good fodder :slight_smile:

The battle of the old guys!

"Get off my lawn"
"No, you get off MY lawn"


and then there is "get yer lawn out of my way"

kinda dead around here now. guess everyone is watching the debate:)

I ask because those networks I mentioned (and others I haven't) that carry US programs from US networks don't carry the US Presidential Debates. Do they air repeats of regularly scheduled programming instead?

...they’re still airing the presidential debate, but instead of words it’s just farts...


Well this is a disaster.

Biden: "you don't agree with me therefore you want to kill people".

Honestly biden is a pos for hitting on emotions like that.

Other than you it seems that most here did not understand my question.

Canada sim-subs the Canadian feed (i.e., Global) of a US program over the US feed (i.e., CBS) because of the commercials.

Question: What are networks like Global, CTV, etc. airing INSTEAD of the US Presidential Debates?

It's on but I'm not really watching any more.

It's background noise sort of like what people arguing in the other room sounds like to a dog.

Global showed the movie Dunkirk. CTV reruns things like Big Bang Theory which I actually ended up watching after bailing on the debate which was a total debacle. The moderator and I'm sure anybody who tried to watch getting totally frustrated with Trump's neverending interruptions. I thought they were going to have to shut his microphone down as the only way to give Biden his time uninterrupted. he couldn't talk for 30 seconds without being interrupted and Trump would keep talking for 20 - 30 seconds or more during Biden's time in spite of Chris Wallace's best attempts to get him to shut up. Even shouting at times. What an embarrassment.

And that Trump would actually say to a neo Nazi white supremacist armed militia that his own national security people say is part of the most dangerous domestic terrorist group to'stand back and stand by' Despicable!

lol. Just flipped back post debate and the first description I heard. 'Pardon the language but that was a shitshow.' That it was.

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I'm sorry, I'm going to lock this now. We all know where this topic is going to go - my guy won and your guy is senile, no my guy won and your guy is senile - and I'm just going to nip the bud before it gets rolling.