Canadian Tight Ends

Hello, I am a highschool football player and i want to go to play University football in Ontario. One problem.... I play Tight End (and i am fairly good),and as i understand, most CIS teams dont use tight ends primarly on Offence. I am abit undersized too play O line and not fast enough to play reciever or slotback. I don't know enough about the CIS, so my question is..... WHERE IS A CIS (OUA) UNIVERSITY THAT USES TIGHT ENDS???

P.S. If there are none in OUA please mention other provinces.

Hey the best person to chat with would be Jim Barker he has a Football school! He is also the GM for the Stamps. Go to and look up contacts you can get info from any of the contact emails there. I use to have his email but lost in with a hrad drive. But Jim has a school for kids ready to go to University football. He even schools at the University level. I highly recommend you contact Jim Barker.

Here is his email address

McMaster, Is Probibly Top TE OUA School, However My Sugestion To You Is Not To Go To An OUA School. I'd Suggest Looking Out West Since Your Able To Get A Full Scalership Which Isn't Offered In Ontario. An Don't Sell Yourself Out Not Being Able To Play WR. Most Leagues Are Packed At The Reciever Position, Your Better To Go For A Tight End Spots Cause You'll Get More Reps And Your More Likely To Get A Starting Spot As A TE.

Check out UBC. It is one of the largest U's in Canada and is joining the NCAA next season, switching to 4-down football. I'm sure they will be looking for TE's and will offer scholarships also.

UBC is going to the NCAA, your kidding me?

Now I'm really diappointed in UBC...going to American football...the T-Birds are going to be boooooring.

They are NOT joining NCAA next year.

There was an article in the newspaper that UBC was looking at the NCAA. They have to be accepted first. Thats why SFU left NAIA and joined the CIS, NCAA wouldn't accept a Canadian team!

Its wishful thinking by the Pro American "Wing nuts".

Thank god for that. Thanks for killing this quick Sportsmen.

yeah, i didnt know they used TE's in the western leagues? i only thought OUA were the only schools thats still used them. we have a TE at our highschool team, hes in his grade 12 season, hes 6'5" 240ish, great set fo hands on him, local universities were looking in on him (st.fx, SMU) but the problem is, they dont use TE's in AUS football, and he was thinking of going to the OUA. i sugested York, as they're program blows, but its a nice school, haha, maybe he'll get a little playing time.

what would be your sugestion? (for his sake) stick to OUA, or go out west?

I faced the same thing (prior to blowing up my knees)... Good luck :thup:

I wanna know as well

Play full back, chris cooley

Play the position that the Tight End evolved into: Slotback. Still block and catch passes only you're not on the line

Check out Mcgill's program, you could get to meet Dr. Broom!

THANK YOU SPORTSMEN, I'M SO HAPPY I COULD KISS YOU!!! ... but I'll hold off from that.

So the NCAA will not let a Canadian team join.... Well sorry... Your wrong! Niagara College is part of NCAA's div 3 league..... But please.... ANSWER MY QUESTION PPL ABOUT WHERE IS A GOOD CIS (OUA) UNIVERSITY FOR TIGHT ENDS???

For football? What sport? I know UBC participates in Baseball, but not football.

Is Niagra college in New York or Ontario?

I' was just basing my answer on The Vancouver Province News story from a few weeks ago.

....thats funny, 'cause the Niagara College website makes no mentions of any sporting programs period let alone affiliation with the NCAA.....they are having a Trivial Pursuit party to kick off the year.....maybe this is what is played in Div. 3 NCAA.....

You went to the website too, eh Red? I couldn't find any reference either.