Canadian Talent

I realize we don't have enought Canadian talent (at the moment anyway), but I would definitely like to see more Canadians on the team!

I'm not suggesting Trestman is a fool
But we all have blind spots
And it's no secret that certain spots on the roster are traditionally "reserved" for Americans
I'm sure we can all think of examples
But I mention again what a hullabaloo was made of Davis Sanchez succeeding in the secondary as a NI
And I ask again why Paul Woldu isn't starting?

It's easy enough to sit back and say:
"Hey...he's he must be right."
But I doubt even he would approve of such blinkered loyalty

Becoming Champions is about buying into the System
Staying Champions is about bucking the System

what sells the Canadian Game is not the talent. no matter how many Imports you have on your team, it will not attract the Quality players the NFL does. Many of them are close, but the big money gets the best players. So even if you took out all the Canadian talent, the quality of football would only go up a small percentage. Look at american expansion... the Stallions were awesome! anty many of the players went on to play NFL. now look at the other all american teams... they were not up to caliber at all.

What DOES sell the game... is the uniquie way we play the game. wide open field, three downs, pass happy, returns, missed field goals.

Second- the Canadian talent. Watching a game and saying "i played high school ball against him" or "My kid ran into rob cote and he talked about how great it is to grow up in ALberta and play for the Stamps" Watching Canadian talent like Fantuz going to the NFL. lets face it, withouth the CFL, he would not have made an NFL roster.

Keeping the Game and the players Candian is what keeps the game alive. withouth the Canadian talent, we are nothing more then the UFL or the XFL. without the fan draw.

A little off the mark but- Look at Canadian univeristy Basketball. its honeslty hard to Care. why? cause its not the high quality. And there is no where for Canadian Basketball players to go. i know thats a log stretch from what we are talking about. just wanted to throw that in. im werking on a paper about Canadian sports and how the CFL is a model other sports should follow.

Warren Moon

...wasn't drafted to the NFL as a quarterback because he was black
I'd venture to say that the reason why we have 4 starting African-American quarterbacks and one Latino in the CFL is because this still holds true to some extent.
And size is the new black
How many truly gifted athletes have come to the CFL not because they lack talent...but because they're considered undersized.

I agree that whoever crafted the Canadian Game did so with an eye to attract a certain sub-set of American athletes...gifted but unjustly discarded by the NFL. The wide field...the 3 downs...the longer field and bigger endzone and yes...even the no yards penalty not only suits unique American talent...but may even keep them here...despite the low salaries and crappy weather.

People often declare their surprise at the talent level of the CFL.
They come here expecting a Bush league of has-beens and "never-coulds"

If people could once and for all dispel the illusion that the CFL is a repository for NFL dropouts
More Canadians and Americans would enjoy this fine game

And maybe the Alouettes would finally sell out a home game