Canadian Talent and Stevie Baggs

I'm tired of thinking about yesterday's game. What about the future? Is it time to invest more in Canadian scouting team? We've been near the bottom of the league more often than not the past 10 years, but struggle to find first round picks that can start. Everyone always says you only go as far as your starting Canadians, we need those top picks that make a difference.

Dyakowski & Giguere are the only 1st rounders that are starters, and I think Stala is still better than Giguere at this point. Obie has trade away most 1st round picks the past 3 years. Dillon Barker was unfortunate, Simeon Rottier left us. We practically destroyed JP Bekasiuk's career, drafting him on D then trying to teach him O-line, then back to D and cut him before Montreal turns him into a D starter. Darcy Brown appears a career special team guy, or have we destroyed him too by trying to make a Tight End into a fullback? Chris Bauman. Gagne-Marcoux. Jesse Lumsden. Some of that is bad luck. But I can't believe that in 8 drafts, we only have 2 starters from our first round picks. Hinds and Rwabukamba are splitting time as starters, but neither was a first rounder.

PS Nice to see Stevie Baggs going to Calg, I'd hate to think we killed another career in its prime. He's a class act, would have helped stablize young D-Line here if we'd kept him. I understand he was highly paid, but we're 3-7, last in sacks, 2 games out of the playoff spot, and prob gonna spend money on airlift to audition D-Linemen. No substitute for experience when all the other guys are young.