Canadian Sports

Hey there, I'm trying to create a forum where all Canadians can gather to talk about their favorite sports!

The site is and we'd love some feedback and we'd be more than grateful if you guys signed up!

Well, I was going to start a topic on this anyway, So I use this later to talk about popular sports in Canada and where their the most popular.

Great idea! canada4, I sign up later.

I just wort what I want to say but this fuck ing site kicked me off again!!! :twisted:

Webmasters, see if you can fix that, it's driving me NUTS!!! :evil:

Forget about what I was about to say everyone! I may try it again later if I feel like it.


We're redoing the site currently at the moment, we have the forums up again but we're working on re-designing it so be patient. Thanks.

You say it's a site for all Canadians to talk about there favorite sports. But what about foreigners who love Canadian sports?

Just wanted to let u know that I registered on the site and I like what I see.

Also have to state this…
I participated in the “Name the team” contest for the new Edmonton NLL expansion team.

But…since I don’t live in Canada…I guess they felt I deserved no prizes. But…the Edmonton Rush" WAS my suggestion.!

We'd love for foreigners anyone can join up, its not only for Canadians, but we're hoping the Canada appeal attracts Canadians fans to the site too.