Canadian sports scholarships....voice your opinion!

As far as I'm concerned, I think Canadian Universities should offer full sports scholarships to athletes. The way it is in the US, Universities are well supported by the allumni who own the rights to the sports teams. Mostly football. As a result, the teams are well feed with good players and the school is well feed with students and lot's of money for education. It's a win win relationship. Especially now that the NCAA is getting a little harder on schools becuase athletes who read at a 4th grade level are getting a University degree in under-water basket weaving or some stupid thing. Not to mention there's a lot of smart kids, who are good athletes and who's parents can't afford to pay the wacked out prices of University. Also if the Canadian schools offered a scholarship, we might see more of the really good Canadian talent playing in the CFL instead of being drafted to the NFL. More power to the CFL teams. What is your opinion?????????????

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I don't think scholarships to Canadian universities would mean more Canadians would play here rather than down there. If they're good enough, they'll go where the money is, and that's the NFL. That's a whole other issue. The athletes would go to the school that will allow them the best chance to make the NFL; and the NFL is more likely to draft kids out of US colleges, and that won't change just because Canadian schools are offering scholarships.
University is supposed to be for academics. Clogging up the campuses with behemoths whose only skill is clobbering the snot out of similar mutants will only cause tuition fees to rise and make a university education even less accessible to those for whom it was intended.

Take it from an American, a long time follower and fan of NCAA Division 1-A college football. The LAST thing is Canada needs to adopt the amazingly flawed system of American big time college sports. It's an ethical and moral cesspool. You will be opening pandora's box if you start offering scholarships and making your game the tail that wags the dog like ours is. you will very soon have your campuses filled with people who arent qualified and or interested in being there beyond what it can do for their chances at the NFL if they are good enough, NFL Europe Arena Football League or CFL if they are not. I think the whole NCAA should adopt the model of our Ivy League and it seems to me that your CIS is similar to that model also. And it's to Canada's ever lasting credit. Why bring big time big money recruiting, steroids and grade fixing to places that are supposedly for higher learning? Any player who can really play will focus on where the money is. If a HS player can really play to potential NFL standards, they can either play college ball in the USA or else will probably be found by pro scouts anyway, regardless of where they play.
Dont do this to your schools.... We never should have done it to ours.

I agree.........Canadian college players have to have a certain mark to continue to play........there are just to many U.S. stories about lives wreck by injury [which happans allot in football].

Sure the U.S. has more talent...........but we have smarter athletes entering our society.