Canadian Semi-Pro Football

Championship rings for Cold Lake:

There's going to be expansion to the NFC with the Steeltown Jaguars:

And some highlights from this season's Martime Bowl:

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A few familiar names for Canadian football fans on these lists.

Archelous Jack has had an interesting football career; he was one of the guys who played in the LFA down in Mexico before Covid cancelled the season. I'd love to see him get a camp invite by either the Argos or Ticats.

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And the Elks sign an OL out of the Alberta Football League's Cold Lake Fighter Jets,

Cool to know that scouts do in fanct keep an eye on these leagues for talent.

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Good news for the Bucs:

Defences, start doing your homework.
We are excited to announce Brandon Leyh has committed to the Buccaneers for the 2023 season.
Leyh threw for an incredible 1,954 yards and 22 touchdowns as he completed 99 of his 137 pass attempts over an undefeated championship winning campaign in 2020. The Bucs offence dominated the four game shortened season under Leyh, who helped all five of his starting receivers earn spots on the AFL leaderboard.
In two seasons prior with the Bucs, he posted an 81-7 touchdown to interception ratio while also taking home AFL MVP in 2016. Before coming to the Bucs, Leyh had 35 starts with the Mount Allison Mounties of the AUS where he was the school's all-time passing leader. He also took home two AUS All-Star nods and two AUS titles.
Leyh is committed for 2023 and determined to help the Bucs reclaim the AFL title and take a run at the Canadian Major Football League Championship.

And another big player rejoins the Bucs:

Some 2023 schedules are starting to come out:

The Outlaws are back in action, our indoor dates are set. Join us for the 2023 season as we set our eyes on not just the NFC Championship but the National Championship.

Syl Apps Community Centre. 51 William St, Paris ON.

$10 per practice, no cleats. Come out in workout gear and running shoes to start earning your spot on the Outlaws.

The NFC offensive player of the year from 2022, Tri-City Outlaw's WR/TE Hayden Amis, has signed with a club in Sweden.

Go Karsloga Wolves!


Training camps opening soon for the Maritimes Football League.

I've seen these T-shirts being sold by the champs of the Alberta Football League.

The "built not bought" slogan makes me think there was probably more buying than building in their recipe for success.

The MFL has released their 2023 sched. Season starts April 29.

Just came across info on a semi-pro league in Quebec: LFS12. Unfortunately, they went on hiatus in 2022. Let's hope they can come back this year.

Bad news from this league: no football again in 2023. From their FB account:

C’est avec un grand regret que la LFS12 annonce officiellement qu’il n’y aura pas de football cette année après une multitude de tentatives et de scénarios pour reprendre les activités ! Diverses raisons en sont en cause mais la première et plus importante est le manque de franchise/équipe ! Nous regrettons fortement cette décision mais nous devons se rebâtir et revenir plus fort et ce, avec des équipes organisées et structurées pour survivre sur du long terme !

Cette ligue qui a vu jour en 2014, n’a que de bons souvenirs en mémoire avec des joueurs, entraineurs et partisans dévoués et passionnés par ce beau sport.

Merci à tous ceux qui ont fait de cette ligue un succès pour plusieurs années !

Sur ce, on se dit … à la prochaine ! 🏈🙏✌️

It’s with great regret that LFS12 officially announce that there will be no football this year after many attempts and scenarios to get things back on! There are several reasons but the first and most important is the lack of franchise/team! We deeply regret this decision but we have to rebuild and come back stronger with organized and structured teams to survive in the long run!

The league, which began in 2014, has nothing but fond memories with dedicated players, coaches and supporters passionate about the beautiful sport.

Thank you to everyone who made this league a success over the years!

About that we say... c u nxt time ! 🏈🙏✌️

More bad news, this time from the MFL:

They had one of my favourite logos too:

I guess they're going to have to re-do the 2023 schedule now.

Very sad that (at least one aspect of) this is coming to an end:

Interesting news from Cold Lake:

Huge shoutout to Raishaun Provo who has signed a contract to play football in Switzerland this upcoming season with the AFC Zurich Renegades of the NLA! 🏈

Rai helped us in 2022 on our journey to our undefeated season and National Championship 🏆 Goodluck in your future from your Fighter Jets family!

I wonder how the level of the AFL compares to some of the European leagues. I'm also curious as to how a QB playing in Cold Lake, Alberta ended up being recruited by a team in Zurich.

Of course, we in Canada all know him from his days on the national team and on Team Ontario, but why do the Swiss know about him?
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Screenshot 2023-02-26 21.39.39