Canadian Semi-Pro Football

I loved his tag line. Glad someone else picked up on it.

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That's the NFC. They still have some players who spent time on CFL (and even Mexico's LFA) rosters. I believe they play 4-down ball with otherwise Canadian rules.

Their championship game is tomorrow, and the Ontario champ will then play the Alberta champ. The AFL plays with full Canadian rules. I think this year the Ontario team will travel to Alberta so that game will be using 3-downs. When the Alberta champs come to Ontario, they play 4-downs.

I'd love to see the CFL sponsor some "friendly" matches between our national semi-pro champs and teams from Global semi-pro leagues like LFA, GFL, French Elite, X-League, etc. It would be a great way to showcase our national depth as well as foster global ties.

The format of the stream is from the source . . . a bit tough to watch but better than nothing.

And make the final:

GTA All Stars 35 - Tri City Outlaws 14

AFL Final, Cold Lake vs Airdrie:

Stream available here:

And make the final:

Cold Lake 55 - Airdrie 0

National championship will be GTA All Stars vs Cold Lake Fighter Jets, sometime in September, IIRC.

Just came across the old article about a former AFL player (Drew Morris) who was drafted into the LFA. I'd really like to see how the best AFL and NFC clubs match up against the best LFA clubs.

Morris was also drafted by the Redblacks and played USports ball at Acadia.

We have a date set for the national championship. This year's game, since it's hosted in Alberta, will be played under 3-down rules.

Not sure who made the photoshop of the jets about crash.

National championship goes this Saturday:

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Our national championship runs today, and I've yet to find a stream of the game.


Found the stream! Will on the Cold Lake FB page:


Keep up the good work.

Will be sad to see you go but there's a league in Korea (not sure when they play)

Maybe you give us updates from Korea and Japan as I do believe the champs from each league play each other for the Asia Cup.

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Sports overload right now:

Atlantic Football League game

CFL game

Alberta Football League champ vs NFC champ game

and UFC


Watching the Algeo vs Fili fight right now.

Algeo still couldn't connect on his drop kick.

Did you see that knee land?


btw, 14-7 for Cold Lake thus far.

Yep and he (Algeo) fell instead of knocking him out.

He was in a hold for almost 2and a half minutes in the final round.

Lost on a split decision.

Actually, I meant the knee in the latest fight. Split Rodrigues' forehead, but he came back from it to win.

No I am watching the Lions game at the moment.

If you're able to send me that clip.

I will try finding it on YouTube later on

No clips, sorry. I'm watcing a live feed. OK, no more spoilers.

No worries.

Who are the combatants involved?

Cold Lake, Alberta vs Greater Toronto Area, Ontario

So far, the westerners are up 21-10.

In the UFC it was Sandhagen vs Song in a bloody main event.


Will look for the highlights.

Currently watching Royce Gracie vs Ken Shamrock from UFC 5

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