Canadian Semi-Pro Football

I've not yet seen any games from these leagues. I believe they all play 4-down ball with otherwise Canadian rules. From what I gather, there are three "semi-pro" leagues (18+) in Canada: Maritime Football League, Northern Football Conference, and Alberta Football League.

Here's the lineup for games in the Maritime Football League this week:

Week 6
Nova Scotia Buccaneers at Saint John Wanderers
Halifax Harbour Hawks at Valley Razors
Fredericton Fleet at Island Mariners

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Nice for guys to have an opportunity after university/high school who don't have it for the NFL or CFL but still want to play full contact football.

Seems Rugby is more popular with older guys who still want to keep playing.

It's also much more popular in colleges and universities in Canada. Way more schools have rugby teams than have football teams.

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Just saw these pre-season power rankings for the NFC. Two teams in Toronto/GTA! I thought Ottawa had a team, but its not listed here. I think their season starts this weekend, too, so we'll soon find out.

  1. GTA All Stars

  2. Steel City Patriots

  3. Tri City Outlaws

  4. Sarnia Imperials

  5. Sault Steelers

  6. Oakville Longhorns

  7. Sudbury Spartans

  8. Toronto Phantom Raiders

  9. North Bay Bulldogs

Here's a game from the Alberta Football League.

I'm guessing the quality of play here might be similar to the Mexican leagues and smaller Europlean leagues.

Edit: I guess FB won't allow the stream to be linked here. But if you look up Cold Lake Fighter Jets Football you'll find it.

Well, Canadian 'football' originates from 'rugby' compared with American football originating from soccer so 'rugby' 'football' and even 'soccer' albeit soccer is much more different as it's turned out in N.A. and is more distinct from 'rugby' and 'football', but rugby and football could be viewed as one and the same thing for all intents and purposes if one wants to go back in history. As it mentions here (I'd be much happier if say football went the way of the dodo bird but the Grey Cup was won by rugbiers compared with socciers, sort of thing and I am being serious here):

"This made the trophy donated by His Excellency Earl Grey, the Governor General of Canada, and an award for the amateur rugby football championship of Canada."

Could have seniors league football. Wednesday afternoon on TSN.

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I'm sure that would be a ratings bonanza. :rofl:

Hamilton Steel City Patriots clobbered the GTA All Stars in an apparent upset.

Full results:

Week 1 Scores
Steel City Patriots 24-0 over GTA All-Stars
Tri City Outlaws 46-0 over Sarnia Imperials
Sudbury 42-24 over North Bay

And results:

Periodically Chris Jones would bring a player up from this level to fill a hole in his team.

Oh yeah? I didn't know that. Good on him.

The Alberta teams seem to sign players from across the country, which surprised me a bit. I thought players would all be local products, as I imagine the pay is minimal. But maybe the pay is enough to warrant moving across the country for a couple months.

Anyone remember Darryl Leason? I just read that he (still!) plays QB in the AFL for Calgary.

He was Bombers property 20 years ago:

I have to say the Island Mariners logo looks REALLY nice.

As for Fredericton, I can imagine the design convo going like this:

"We need a new logo, I went to the trouble of designing one - check it out!"

"How the hell will we get away with that? It's a clear knock-off of Edmonton Eskimos!"

"You haven't heard? Things have changed big-time to remove offensive connotation"

"So what are they now - the Idmonton Injuns?"

"No dumbass, they're the Edmonton Elks!"

"There's no such thing as an Elks!"

"Whatever. You like it or not?"

"But It's GREEN - let me say this slowly for you. It. Screams. Edmonton."

slams can of opened grape soda on table in frustration - howl of anguish as it spills all over the lovingly designed logo

"Look what you made me do?! HAPPY NOW??????"

"Great, now It's purple nobody will see any connection whatsoever. Good job!"


Yup, was a quick job on photoshop. Copy, paste, fill purple, and erase here and here. Done!

Then again, the Wanderers didn't even change the colour of the W.

I think the Halifax logo looks great, though.

On a more serious note though, do these clubs have any affiliation with CFL teams, or do CFL clubs do any community work in these particular areas?

Because if there was an obvious connection (e.g. AHL hockey teams clearly using adapted logos of their NHL connection, or matching/themed team names) then I could understand, but that Wanderers logo especially just makes me think the league is so lowly that nobody is really bothered, and if Winnipeg tried to force the issue the argument would just be something like "It's a generic letter W, we're a coastal town so our kit is gold representing the beach and blue for the sea" then everyone can pretend to be convinced.

Going off on a wild tangent here, but this reminds of Australian soccer where many clubs were founded along ethnic/expat community lines, but the national association stepped in and said that obviously "ethnic" names were now banned and that affected clubs needed to change to something neutral.

So the upshot was a team like "Melbourne Croatia" turned themselves into "Melbourne United". Entirely neutral and nobody would know their origins....if it wasn't for the red, white and blue home kit, red and white check design of their club badge and a squad list littered with Mirkos, Davors and Dragomirs.

I don't think there's any connection between the clubs and leagues. If Halifax ever gets a team, it would be good for them to get involved with cross-promotion to some degree.

Here are the MFL results from yesterday:

Are these "Semi-Pro" or senior leagues... I don't believe there's any money to be made which would have to be the case to classify them as "Semi-Pro".

I'm curious about that too. I've heard them referred to as semi-pro, but I have no idea what degree of compensation the players make. Some of the Alberta teams seem to be recruiting players from across the country, though. So perhaps some payment is received?

Just did some Googling and couldn't find any answers about NFC or AFL salary, but I found this site that lists average NFL pay at around $64,000, with a range from $20,000-$180,000.

And I read that the championship game between AFL and NFC sometimes has 3-downs (AFL hosts) and sometimes 4-downs (NFC hosts).