Canadian Rookie Potential CFL QBs 2019

Coming into 2019 CFL season there are at least 4 potential Canadian QBs.
Hugo Richard (Montreal)
Noah Picton(Toronto)
Brett Rypien(BC Neg list)
Michael O’Connor(CFL draft)
Which of these QBs have the best chance to succeed in the CFL?
Are there any other potential Canadian QBs available that could succeed in the CFL?

I would say Michael O’Connor. This guy was tapped to be the next great Canadian QB during his freshman year at Penn State. The kid has the size, accuracy, arm strength and can read a 12 man defense. I really hope Hamilton drafts him and he can learn behind Masoli.

Toronto also has Brandon Bridge, who is probably the most likely to see any success in 2019.

Agreed. Bridge has a few seasons under his belt all in the CFL. Hopefully Ray will stick around to mentor him.
Even if Ray has to spend the whole seadon on the IR. It wont go against the cap.
& just look at wat Collaros & Trevor Harris under the tutalidge of Ray