Canadian Rookie - Butler

He's lookin' awesome. Some dude I know told me early in the season to get rid of Butler because he's horrible. I'm gonna' have a talk with that dude real soon.

Butler has looked great in all his games. He's a rookie so there's lots of time to improve and learn. He's Canadian, so he can make us proud and represent the ratio.

He's a keeper and will only get better. Could this be a good Taman draft pick????

I have been defending Taman a lot this year...and yes, it was a good pickup. Butler has to be a rookie of the year candidate at this point.

I have not been a Taman fan, but should more of this occur i might have to eat crow... and happily. Hill was a good signing, Lemon perhaps, Wheelright may prove out, Milo too. If so, well 2 out of 3 aint bad (Berry and Daley).

On top of the ones you've named, I also like the deal Taman made with Montreal for Baker. We needed a big, rangy wide receiver.

I, too, have been one of Taman's biggest critics. Mostly because of Berry and Daley, but also because I didn't think he was the most qualified person for the job.

I'm still not a full Taman convert, but a couple more good showings from the guys mentioned might keep me from calling for his head at season's end :smiley: I guess my fandom can be bought with victories and championships :smiley:

But this doesn't mean that I like him! :roll:

Not to mention that it was apparent that Mullinder would be nothing more than a second string defensive end in this league. He may have had leadership qualities in the locker room, but was not talented enough to start at defensive end for any number of games.

Good point on Mullinder and Baker. Let's hope Taman proves out.