Canadian RB Anthony Coombs top 10 draft

I know Anthony Coombs has had an oustanding 3 seasns at Manitoba but just finishin his JR year I did not hink he was eligible.
He did play CEGEP so it could be that he is eligible from being 4 years removed form 12th grade.

Anyway look out for this guy. During the 2011 IFAF gold Medal team Canada Beating the US QB Will Finch got a lot of headlines but from the coaches all the raves were about RB Coombs.
The speady Running back is also a great returner. He did not get most of the returns because they had another great retuner and he was such a hure part of the offense.
A 1,000 yard rusher and 500 yards in receiving.
He is not a power back that rushed for a lot of yards and will be too slow to hit the holes but instead a real TB.

Sould be a huge pick for whoever gets him sould be able to be at least a good back up RB or be a chnge up back to a more North south runner.
Also a great returner.
For a team looking to make a Canadian RB as part of a RB duo and not have to use a DI spot Coombs will be your man.
Also potential starter in the near future

I'm surprised that this guy isn't more highly rated, this kid can absolutely fly, can make you miss in the open field, and has some good receiving skills. I think he is a better prospect than Lumbala last year, though come to think of it those two would fit well together on the same team.

I am not sure with all the draft rule changes that originally in September he was not eligible for the draft so he was proably not really looked at for the draft this year.
Somehow between september and now he has become eligible or at least eligible to declare himself.
As things get closer there should be much more talk about coombs for sure.
A Canadian with really high potential as a returner as well.
1,000 yards rushin 500 yards receiving with similar numbers his fresh and ssoph seasons. Young regular age player also at just 21-22 years of age not pushing that 24 or the old 25 or 26 years of age.
I cant see any team who would not want him no matter who there starting or back up RB are.
There were several return specialist rookies from the NCAA that had a high upside, Lindsey Lamar, Tavoy moore but both required a DI spot or were able to play a hybrid role back up Running back as well.
Coombs will be part of the NI roster and if Lamar and Moore were given a top shot as a rookie return man Coombs will be the same

proud to say that I personally know this guy!
Insane work ethic, he's taking pre-medicine courses as he's a star on the football team. Best of luck Anthony!

To answer your inquiry cflsteve, this year's draft allowed player's affected by the rule change to declare for the draft. Coombs and Gill both had redshirt seasons in 2010 and would have otherwise been eligible without the rule change. They weren't on the initial listing because I would imagine that they would declare after the CIS season was over.

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I'd be happy with him at #4 if Foucault and Tardif are gone in the top 3 or signed on NFL practice rosters. He reminds me of Drurie.

I figure that was the situation. hense the reason that he is not more highly rated or has been little talk but that should change real fast now that he has declared. Good decision to declare as well. he has spent 4 years in University and has already conquered that level of play so going back would not have helped him progression wise.

With the trend picking up speed the top Canadian Olineman as well as interior Dlineman are being very heavily sought after by the NFL. With Gill just declaring also he probably was not on the NFL radar but with E camp and the Canadian Draft before the NFL draft know. NFL scouts can get a look at his E Camp and can be bought into a rookie mini camp like Gyadosh and suddenly who ever draftd him would need to wait.
NFL seeing a lot of these Lineman as projects are reserving space for them on practice rosters.
From what I gather Gill being rated that high would make him CFL ready for a rotation spot.
Olineman tend to take some time in a lot of cases anyway so having them go to an NFL practice roster like O;donnel and Holmes they come back after one or two seasons and are ready to play. Otherwise they end up on the 9 game IR keeping them safely tucked away until they are ready for a roster spot.