Canadian quarterbacks

I was so happy to see 3 Canadian quarterbacks this year and especially excited to see the success of Nathan Rourke, but B.C.'s other Canadian QB, O'Connor, had every right to feel humiliated tonight.

The game was over at half time, sorry Elk fans, and coach Campbell waits until the very end of the game to bring O'Connor in and for only a few reps and then they don't even allow him to throw the ball = unreal.

If you're not going to play O'Connor Rick, then tell Ed to trade him to a team that will give him some quality reps and allow him to show more than his ability to find his RB's hands and show his talent for touching his knee to the turf.

On O'Connor's behalf, I am disgusted by his lack of use and then misuse.


It really makes no sense. Let O'Connor get some game tape. Ottawa could use a QB from the area.


Campbell did the same thing in Ottawa he didn't prepare the backup on many occasions and there was no one behind the first string to go to come time .

BUT I mean a big

But he did have the BALLS and GUTs to have tandem Canadian QB duo which before this year was unthinkable .

For that I give him a HUGHE Campbell Pass for not bringing O'connor in last night earlier .

I think they're doing the right thing for now. O'Connor got some reps in during the pre-season and he looked good. Rourke wants to play here in Canada, I really believe that... but whichever team in the NFL dangles the BIGGEST multi-million dollar signing bonus in front of him is probably gonna get him.

I'd let him play as many downs as he wants for the rest of the season. Keep O'Conner on the sidelines but make sure he gets plenty of practice reps. They'll need him to start next season... at a bargan price. All that talent surrounding Rourke will still be affordable if the Lions don't have to fork out too much for their QB.

J J Barnagel

EDIT... oh sorry, just saw you said Canadian quarterbacks. My bad.

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That's okay. At least the NAME is totally Canadian. I'm surprised that they don't have the 'Barnagel' as a menu option in local coffee shops in Saskatchewan. The Faragelli could've been the same thing only topped with cheese and pizza sauce. :grinning:

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Yeah, no kidding; Ottawa could use a QB or even Montreal. Heck O'Connor could easily take the job of any backup QB in the league, or starter for that matter...easily! Am I starting to talk out of my ass, of course I am, because WE NEVER SEE THE KID so many other Canadian pivots from years gone by.

Yeah, I do have to give Campbell kudos for sticking with two Canadian pivots, but it wasn't just that he brought O'Connor in late, but that they didn't allow him to even throw the ball. I mean I understand that you don't want run up the score at that point and embarrass the Elks, but if you truly didn't want to do that then you would have sat Rourke for the entire fourth quarter....maybe even the second half....and given your backup reps and some respect. All I can say is good luck Campbell if Rourke gets hurt in the playoffs.

Yep, but preseason and practice reps aren't the same as game time reps. I wish the Lions luck should Rourke get injured in the playoffs and after last game, if I was O'Connor, I'd be asking for a trade or to be released. When would O'Connor get some actual game action, and be permitted to throw the ball, if not last night.