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The past five Hec Crighton Trophy winners (most outstanding player in a CIS season) have been quarterbacks. Kyle Quinlan will likely make it six in a row with his record-breaking season. There has clearly been a ton of Canadian talent at the QB position over the years. However, as I'm sure most of you know, a Canadian QB making it to the CFL is very rare. I'm wondering if any of you have thoughts on how the CFL could change this. Perhaps the most popular suggestion--from fans and media and even Mr. Russ Jackson, the greatest Canadian QB of all time--has been to change the quota system where teams need to carry a Canadian QB. However, this hasn't been too popular with most teams--the quarterback is the most important position so teams want to be sure they have the best players possible. However, with some patience and grooming, I think many Canadian QBs could grow into CFL-level players (even if it's in a backup role) if given the opportunity.
So, do you think there is something the CFL could do to make it attractive for teams to carry a Canadian QB? We all know the CFL operates under a salary cap system. The CFL is a business. I'm not going to pretend that I know the ins and outs of this aspect of the game. But what if teams were given some sort of incentive for having a Canadian quarterback on their active roster? My idea is that maybe only part (or none) of the Canadian QB's salary goes against a team's cap? This would make it so teams aren't "forced" to carry a Canadian QB but are rewarded if they do. Thoughts?
This is a Canadian game so I think the CFL should take some sort of initiative in developing our Canadian quarterbacks and giving them a chance to make it to the big league. Any other ideas?

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I have been an advocate for some time now that the CFL should add a 8th PRACTICE ROSTER SPOT DESIGNATED FOR CANADIAN QBS. Adding an 8th practice roster spot would not change any of the ratio or salary cap situations. It is a financially smart way in which to have Canadian QBs not only be part of Training Camp as non Counters but also give them a spot on each tam in which they can practice with the team each week. It will enable teams to take young University QBs and groom them on a practice roster spot within 2 or 3 years at most teams will be able to see if the QB with the extra training has what it takes to be pro QB. if not then that player can be replaced by another young QB and then given the chance to move to another position. Giving the top University QBs at least 1-3 seasons to give the QB spot a chance by providing a new Practice roster spot designated for Canadian QBs only.
It seems like a simple and financially reasonable fix that I can think of. QBs in any league often come with special roster rules. This would be no different.

I have suggested this in the past, but here it is again. Include the first and second string QB in the roster import rule, but not in the starting position import rule. This wouldn't bring in any "paperweights", as some call them. A Canadian QB would need to be good enough to be at least second string to allow teams to benefit from their non-import status. It might, however, encourage teams to show the same patience with Canadian QBs as they show with their American competition.

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I also support the addition of an extra PR spot for a Canadia

Since the CFL has given Canadian QBs eligible to make the roster that season non Counter status it is a good beginning for teams to invite in Canadian QBs because they do not count towards the total number of players allowed at training camp. Extending that to an 8th Practice roster spot designated for Canadian QBs would not affect the current roster and practice roster set up in any way as it seems that both Owners and the CFLPA both like the current roster set up.