Canadian QBs: Where will the top Canadian QBs be in 2013

BRAD SINOPOLI - Could have the inside track as the Stamps #3 QB. With Tate as starter and Mitchell being very impressive. The Stamps will be looking to get back to the Grey Cup. Kevin Glenn had a good season in place of injured Tate but an aging #2 losing the Grey Cup may not be needed in 2013. A young impresive Mitchell along with a now a 3rd year QB in Sinopoli the stamps may not be looking for any new faces in the QB crew which could place Sinopoli as a solid #3. Time for him to work on some other QB skills like holder and Short Yardage that could make him more valuable.

KYLE QUINLAN - will be in his 2nd Als camp to compete for a spot on the roster. in 2012 it was easy to send him back to the CIS with his knowledge and a place to play. Should be in the QB back up mix. I cant see McPherson coming back living neiswander Garcia anf Quinlan probably coming to camp in that order with Quinlan starting camp 4th o the depth chart with a chance to earn his way to a roster spot. at worst practice roster at #4.

Kyle Graves - Also at Als camp last year but saw no time at QB in the pre season but did see time as a punter his other All star position. Graves will most likley be in a camp looking to make it as a punter while in the meantime can be working on his QB skills and be an extra arm in practice. Could be a practice roster player as a punter. With plenty of competition in the CFL for kicking positions but winning a punting job may not be out of the question. The Argos and BC have do it all kickers now could find himself on one of those teams looking to have them go to two kickers sharing duties with Graves as the pnting half.

Billy Greene - After E camp last season Greene was not offered a spot on a roster for QB in training camp and is projected as a FB. Edmonton was interested under the old GM. Greene may be coming in at the right time to be a FB/TE with Montreal beginning a trend of finding an athletic TE who can be part of the passing game. as Atletic as Greene is i see him having no problem making the move learning how to block and after a catch he sure can run.

Jordan Yantz - After spending his full 5 seasons in JR for the VI raiders he was a territorial pick of the BC Lions last year to come in as a QB. Probably being not quite ready is looking to use his two years of CIS eligibility. It would be easy for hime to go home and play for Regina with Mueller gone but with Faulds named the new Laurier coach he ma be looking for a QB with ecperience to run his pro style no Huddle offence.

Marc Mueller - After several shoulder surgeries is looking to get into coaching. Could he join Faulds on the Laurier staff as both are similar with great CIS careers but no CIS interest. Faulds was the OC at York in 2010. in 2011 was team canada's starting QB winning a silver medal in the World American football championship and the QB coach for team Canada's U19 gold medal team in 2011 all this while still Yorks OC. Mueller could follow a similar path with Faulds as his lead

Myles Gibbon - returned to Canada frm the NCAA and plugged into yorks offense with Faulds and he and tork took off on offense rated 7th as QB on offense. 1012 was his 4th season of eligibility culd be the top QB at E Camp and catch on to a training camp in the CFL and then back to york for his 5th season.

Greg Bowcott - Highly recruited out of BC HS chose SFU started the last 4 games his fresman year but lost the job to an american QB in 2012 soph year. Has three years of CIS eligibility. Can play another season at Lngley JRS and them still have three years of eligibility. There is a QB opening at UBC with Greene leaving though we shall see. Could find himself in BCs training camp this year as a JR terirorial like yantz did last year.

Cayman Shutter - Shutter was primed to enter his JR year at Haiwaii as number 2 on the depth chart but legal issues led to suspension and very little playing time at UH. decided to make himself eliligible for the CFL draft. He still has two years of CIS eligibilty and beleive is young enough to play JRs. being a #2 for an NCAA DI team is pretty good though and will deserve a look so E camp could be his goal to show his skills for a CIS team or if he is not interested or academically eligible an Arena League stint is a real possibility especially coming from a DI program where he was once second on the depth chart. Trevor Harris used the Arena to sharpenhis skills as a DII superstar and landed him a job with the Agos.

Austin Kennedy - will be entering his 4th season at Windsor. He will be a highl watched QB after leading the CIS in passin his JR year.

Jeremey Roch - Sherbrooke QB will be entering his JR year but was among the leaders in the CIS

Will Finch - will have 3 more years to shine as he enters his soph year at Western. Was in Hamilton's TC last year and will most likley be there again

A lot of decent prospects and thanks to guys like Faulds who began to raise the play of Canadian CIS QBs may not have gotten his shot but began to pave the way for others and now will help them thorugh his coaching

There's a lot of guys down in the NCAA that don't get a shot either. It's normally because there's guys playing that are better players than them. Sports is a cutthroat business, you either win or you lose, and if you lose, you get fired. No one is going to give anyone anything out of a charity case. If a coach thinks the guy is better, they'll hire him and promote him up the depth chart.

Yup you have to earn your spot Faulds, Mueller, Greene all guys who were given a look but did not have it. Sinopoli proved his worth and made it. Quinlan earned his return to the Alouettes training camp.
Shutter on of those DI guys who are often caught behind another guy but does not mean they are not going to be good pros. his off the field antics did not help him either but as we all have seen already with Bo Levi Mitchell sometimes a change of school can give you an oppuriturnty. He left SMU Mustangs (Texas ) and transfered to Eastern Washington and a different situation.
The post was to see where the top Canadian QBs will be in 2013 and what there situation is and speculate what there future may be. it will be up to them to make it in the CFL

just how it goes

I don't think there's anything "solid" about Sinopoli's spot as the 3rd string QB. Remember, Calgary dumped him as the #3 last year in favour of 501 Mitchell - - incidentally, a ROOKIE fresh out of school with ZERO pro experience.

If working on holding for kicks and short yardage sneaks is the idea of "developing" a Canadian QB, why is everyone wasting their time playing along with this charade?

Thats what every backup qb needs to do. as for Gunslinger Mitchell he was a great grab by the stamps. most Qbs in his situation would have gone through the NFL route but Mithell after not being draftd went straight to the stamps. just really some bad luck for sinopolli but you saw wht happend when there was an injury they called him back ASAP. Huf does not carry 4 QBs out of Camp thats just his philosophy but when a QB was needed he went right to Sinopoli. ehough said

When Tate got hurt this year, 501 Mitchell moved up from #3 to be the backup QB.

Last year when Tate got hurt, why did Calgary have no confidence in Sinopoli - - the #3 QB - - moving up to be the back up? Stamps had to bring in Bishop to be the #2 and left Sinopoli holding the clipboard.

Why make a rookie QB with ZERO pro experience the #2 this year, when they were afraid to do it last year? You and I both know the answer to that - - and there's dozens of other young import QBs out there just like 501 Mitchell that are light years ahead of any Canadian QB.

That may be true but most go to the NFL 1st and come to the CFL after a few seasons. As you saw in the NFL that rookie QBs can start and be successful as rookies. Mithcell just happened to go straight to the CFL. Sinopoli coming straight out of University and onto the Main roster his rookie year was unusual but a good sign. Mitchell was just better than Sinopoli and if Mitchell chose the NFL route and catch onto a Practice roster Sinopoli would have stayed at #3 with the Stamps wanting a Veteran Back up like Glenn with starting experience and it was needed but may not be next year as Mitchell is ready for a #2 spot leaving Sinopoli back to #3. Next year will be Sinopoli's 3rd season and with the expansion draft Mitchell may be selected. So next year and especailly 2014 will be a Pivatol year for Sinopoli he will need to show his improvement that he can be a #2 If not they will have to deal fofr one and begin to groom another #3 QB. He is being treated like any other QB in the CFL

Until Canadian QBs are able to start for NCAA schools, you can forget about any Canadian QBs in the CFL. There’s absolutely ZERO hope of a CIS trained QB going pro.

Hardest thing for a QB to adapt to is the speed of the pro game. And comparing the speed of the CIS to the speed of the CFL is like peddling a bicycle down the 401.

Most CIS teams will have two or three defensive players with pro level speed and athletic ability - - and the rest are not even close. When you spend your college career facing DBs with 40 speeds of 4.8 and above, what chance does a CIS QB have when he’s suddenly facing a pro level DB?

Iwould have agreed 100% even 10 years ago but a combo of things have happend over the last 10 years. One the level of play of the CIS has risen at an extreme rate as Universities are now putting empahisis on Varsity and expecially football where as 20 or 30 yrs ago they pulled the plug on the competative nature and mor on the participation. 2nd came Laval who upped the ante to make it more competative again. 3rd the NFL with bigger rosters Practice rosters futures contracts etc. have left the CFL to search in the lower levels of the NCAA for talent In DII and even DIII for QBs which is the level that the CIS is playing on. I am not saying that there will be 20 Canadian QBs in the league but we will begin to see them breaking rosters and given some chances

these names are hilarious.

MAYBE 2 of them will ever get any decent shot of becoming a #3 QB in the CFL.

you really seem to have this faith in these Canadians.. time to face reality my friend, they won't ever start in the CFL. not as long as they remain in Canada.

they need to be NCAA trained and have experience there in order for them to even have a chance.

you can argue all you want but that is the truth.

Hey my friend you have to start somewhere. There are plenty of threads downing the Canadian QBs it is about time to see one that can speculate on possibilities. If Justin Goltz a NCAA DIII QB can make it there is no reason one one or two of these guys will get the same level that Goltz has gotten to. Its not your fault a typical reaction from a CFL fan who is used to having the Canadian Players thought down upon but times are changing. The CFL making Canadian QBs eligible to play that season in the league as non counters to the Training camp roster more teams like Montreal will give them a look as it does not cost them a roster spot and gives them another arm, especially early in camp when the roster is so big, for receiving drills etc. Sometimes its only a matter of getting your foot in the door and catch a coaches eye, these guys will get at least that chance.
If you wana bash these guys please use another thread there are plenty of them :roll:

I’m certainly not as knowledgeable as many on this topic but I think we all agree that CIS football of today is just getting better than it used to be all the time and getting a bit more high profile as well. As to whether a Canadian qb will get a true shot as the legit starter from showing good enough in camp, time will tell. But that’s what coaches are paid to do, evaluate talent. I wonder how the state of high school football is in Canada overall though, that I’m not sure about.

Exactly. If the CFL scouts are going to have to search for DII and DII QBs in the US with the CIS taking an obvious upgrade in play and the higher profile CFL scouts can easily see these QBs right on TV now. SO there will be a few QBs in every 4 year class that will be worth a look and if good enough can return to University for year 5 ala Kyle Quinlan. There will still be many that will still need to make a position change but that even happens to Heisman Trophy winners ala Tebow. So while E camp brought in three QBs in 2012 two got to a training camp. One, Billy Greene< was seen better as a FB. Graves and Quinlan got to Montreal camp and one Quinlan will get a real shot. Sinnoploi has finished his second season with Calgary.
Where before you could see the CIS QBs as playing other positions like Billy Greene, You Can see him as a FB/TE with the way he runs. Ohters like Sinopoli and Quinlan are QBs that you can not picture at any other position. This is the way the Canadian QB is beginning to progress.

Jesse Palmer was the only player that I can recall who was QB for a tier 1 of the NCAA. In 2001 was the second draft choice of the Als but, signed by the New York Giants and, played back up QB there and, later with SF 49ERS. Several years later he made the Als but, did not get in to a game and languished on the bench. He left football for an analyst job with an American network. I have often wondered how he might have been in the CFL had the Als not neglected him completely thus prompting his flight to the tv post.

Sorry, I should have noted he was Canadian.

Well after his stints in the NFL a back up QB job in the CFL does not come with a huge salary so making a career change to TV would be nothing most likely against his skills but having to wait for a starting spot players have other options in football and he took a better option

I'm thinking he was the bachelor one year?

And that place to start is with the NCAA. You have to be able to crawl before you can run.

Let's see some Canadian QBs starting in the NCAA before dreaming about playing QB in the CFL. And despite what you might think, DIII football is much stronger than the CIS. Comparing Laval - - by far the top CIS program, not even close - - to DIII isn't an accurate comparison of the CIS as a whole to DIII. Laval would likely be somewhat competitive in DIII, but how would programs like York...UofT...Waterloo...MtA fair in DIII? They'd be absolutely crushed.

So while CIS QBs like Quinlan can pile up numbers against terrible schools like that, it's a completely different story when you're a QB playing big boy football.

I saw a kid down the street from me throwing a ball around with his friends. He looked to be about 9 years old but through a decent ball. Clearly the evidence shows he is the next Russ Jackson and I would like his name added to the previous list of "prospects" since he has about the same chance of becoming a starting qb in the CFL (slim & none) as they do. :wink: