Canadian QBs in the CFL

Don’t you think it would be a good idea for each team to carry a Canadian QB? I think this would be great for the development of Canadian talent. Who was the last good Canadian QB in the CFL? Russ Jackson? We’re talking 40 years ago! There’s gotta be some talented guys here that just aren’t getting a real opportunity.

I’m not suggesting these guys have to be on the active roster either, but have a Canadian QB on the team to learn the game.

We make exceptions for US QBs. Why not for one Canadian?


I think like you. A canadian QB should have a spot on the roster, something could be work out to improve the Canadian talent at the position. The raw talent is there, our Canadians just started behind the American in regards of years of playing and level of preparation. The best example for that is Mathieu Bertrand. The guy have it all, the arm, he can run, intelligent, nice field vision. But when the time to jump to the CFL came, he (wisely) decided to go for another position (FB), seeing how behind he was the american QB. Not behind talent wise, but behind in his experience as QB, and in the coach's evaluation. He is doing great this years, he is an exceptional athlete. IMO, canadian QB should be given an extra chance to fill up the gap.

There Was An Artical Published Last Year In Either The TSN Website Or Toronto Star Explaining Why There Are No Canadian QBs And There Most Likely Won't Be In The Future. It Says That The Mentality In The League Is That If A Team Puts A Non-Import At QB And He Goes Down Not Only Will They Have To Replace Him But They Would Also Have To Bring In Another Non-Import QB At Another Position, Personally That Sounds Pretty Stupid To Me. The Artical Was Writen In Regards To That Really Good CIS QB Who Played For Acadia I Beleave (Someone Correct Me If I'm Wrong, Sorry To Be So Wishy-Washy But I Really Don't Remember) And It Was Saying That Whenever A Canadian Tries Out At The QB Position Coaches Attempt To Convice Them To Play Any Other Position.

that article is esspecially stupid considering that QBs arn't counted in th ration

who's that canadian QB who plays for the giants......Jesse Palmer i think?

You got it, Jesse Palmer. Also, I'm ambivalent towards reserving a spot for a Canadian QB. Why? Because there seems to be a flood of talent at the quarterback position in this league right now, and I think it would be a shame to turn some of it away for the sake of, and it pains me to say this, generally weaker Canadian quarterbacks. Ideally all the QB's in this league would be Canadian, but the fact of the matter is we just don't pump out the talent at that position like they do south of the border. The NCAA is a football factory. And let me put it to you this way, if we reserved spots for Canadian QB's, we may have never seen the likes of Dave Dickenson, Casey Printers, Tee Martin, Kerry Joseph, the list goes on. Think about it, many established CFL quarterbacks were third stringers at one point in time.

i dont think Kerry Joseph was ever 3rd string…he went from NFL Safety to converting to QB, and the Gades scooped him up.

--Yeah I agree. I'm all for the pro-Canadian stuff. But I really don't think there's enough good quality Canadian QB's out there for that to work. I think it's fine the way it is. It keeps it Canadian with having to have a certain amount of Canadians per squad, I like that. But let's not overdo it, I think it's fine the way it is.

you can never have too much canadian in the CFL

i say just change the ratio to 20-20...20 imports and 20 non-imports, i dont see any reason to make QBs so special

I just want to see the best qbacks play. But, it always surprises me that teams do not draft qb's who have experience playing in very cold weather so they can actually play normally come CFL playoff time when the weather chills the bones and numbs the brains, hearts and throwing arms of american quarterbacks who played in Florida and similar warm climes!!!

--No offence to Canadian football, but if you do that you'll totally decrease the talent in this league...

Couldnt agree with you more I wanan see th best possible players play I have actually been someone calling for more non-imports if they are the better players since being from montreal even if someone from montreal is playing I dont really care since I dont know htem anyways

I agree as well. I want to see the best players possible but would not like to eliminate the import rule or reduce the amount. The import rule makes the game a little more unique and completely Canadian. I would be in favour of the league taking a look at the QB issue and perhaps allowing teams to keep and develop a Canadian QB without it affecting the ratio limit. They would need to designate that player though and once designated he would not be able to switch positions until the following season. That way he could not decide to become a fullback in the middle of the year after being protected all season.

This way teams could not monkey around with the spot. He would be protected from other teams and not affect the 40 man even if activated because he would have to be designated as a QB only. The QB coming off the roster could be put on whichever list they wanted. Injured reserve, suspended or practice roster. If placed on the practice roster he could be protected for a period of time, say 3 weeks, without the risk of being claimed by another team.

If, after 3 weeks he is not moved off the practice roster he would become available to the rest of the league to be claimed. The Canadian QB could sit there all year and not be touched. This would only apply to the designated Canadian QB. Any import QB placed on the practice roster after the final 40 is named and not being switched with a Canadian QB would become fair game immediately for the rest of the league.

This would allow teams to work the Canadian QB into the system and get on the sidelines at least, if not into games and be developed at the speed that individual teams wished. Something like that might work. What do you folks think?


As I've said in another post. Make the third QB a Canadian QB. The QB's don't effect the Import / Non import ratio. It would be good for developement. Besides, we might find another Russ Jackson some day!

If you ask me, the roster should be like this.

39 full time positions on every team made up of 19 Canadian College players, 17 non-Canadian College players, plus 3 quarterbacks (with at least one Canadain QB).

why 39?

Yeah, what would be the significance of dropping one player per roster? If anything I think they should add spots.

well…40 is fine, i just like 20/20 better…you can have 3 import QBs, but it brings in one more canadian into the game

OK 40, maybe even 42, I was just using Longer Wider Faster!!! on the website as a reference.

This is more directed towards anyone that says designate the third string QB to a canadian: Can anyone name 9 canadian QBs that are even able to compete for a third stringer job on a cfl roster? By making a spot designated for a canadian at the QB position is not gonna inspire kids to be QBs no athletic kid is licking his chops at hte prospect of being the backup to the guy holding the clipboard. Not to mention the coaches and GMs would probably be resentful of being forced to do this so theyd never play the guy if the first two get injured. What theyd instead do is sign a free agent american QB and use him until one of the first two gets healthy. This is not hte way to get canadians in at the QB position.

To get canadians to want to play QB a star canadian QB needs to emerge on his own, not through some ridiculous league mandated job, and show that canadians can play the QB position and be just like him similar to what Patric Roy did for the goaltender position among quebec youth.

Kids do not idolize backups they idolise and want to be like the stars. There will have to be a canadian that comes out on his own as a great QB that can wrestle a job away from an american starter on his own