Canadian QB's at the E-Camp

This is great news. I have seen Brannagan and Faulds live, and while both are very good, I think Brannagan is something special. He reminds me alot of Kevin Glenn, a shorter guy with a big arm and a quick release, I truly think he can make it somewhere in this league. Faulds could also develop into a number three quarterback. I haven’t seen much of Glavic other than the Vanier Cup, but he seems to have all the physical tools needed to be a good quarterback.

I agree...these guys have all the tools. In their playoff game against each other they threw for a combined 6 TD's, and over 1000 yards. And they each went over the 10,000 yard plateau.

Brendan Taman said on the Fan 590 that these kids were 'interesting". We'll see if anyone gives them a look.

This is great news. Don't know if they will ever get a fair shake though. As the Queens Coach said, they need two or three years to develop at the CFL level, just like the other positions for the Canadian kids.
I think all three have possibilities. Myself I like Brannagan, even though he is the shortest and doesn't run much. You just can't teach the way he throws such accurate passes.

Normally the Argos provide the QB's for the combine. I guess that shows where the league rates them. :slight_smile:

I think Kerry Joseph is busy during that time. The Blue Jays have hired him to come to camp and throw baseballs (so the infielders can practice fielding one-hoppers).

sadly, i don't see any of them getting a serious invite to a CFL camp..

no coach is going to waste their time with one.. when there are a dozen American QBs who are out there and are better, AND cheaper no less..

My guess is 2 of the 3 will be in CFL camps this spring (if not as draft picks, as free agent signings).

This is a false and misleading statement, purely based on prejudice, Having witnessed the revolving door of Import QB,s who get a free ticket to CFL exposure and major majority of them are CRAP not worth the time of day but get a free ticket Because of where they went to school. it is Good to see some intelligent moves by CFL in taking at least a look at our OWN Homegrown Talent!IMHO

Purely from a fan stand point, and that's really what it's all about, it'd be good for teams to have a Canadian QB. At least as a back up anyway. The concern over the possible reduction of Canadian players on the roster shows that Canadians really do care about their own. There must be a good mix of talent, community identification, and opportunity.

im not sure about all the QB's, but i am thinking brannigan and faulds are not eligible for draft. BEing 5 years, i am thinkin they have to sign as free agents.

Do you think they really have a shot at playing just with a clip board in hand

a job is a job…

Any rookie in any league anywhere Usually 99% of the time , have to spend some time as an understudy to the incumbent QB or any other position, So what is your point ? IMO any QB from CIS should play ST and return at least some kicks to fit into the ratio as it stands now.

I can think of three former Canadian QB's who now play different positions in the CFL. Montreal FB Matthew Bertrand was a good QB at Laval. Montreal WR Eric Desjardins (Eastern Michigan) and Winnipeg WR Jabari Arthur (Central Michigan) both were originally recruited as QB's and then switched.
I can see them wanting to switch Glavic to SB, don't think the other two could play another position.

There is no mention of any of them playing in other position,s other than QB.

how is it misleading?

I've heard it direct from many coaches who have stated that they don't have the time to spend training these Canadians at QB when they have to win now! it's not like the NHL where you can have a few rotten seasons and build up your team.

they need a QB who can play now! they can't afford to give a Canadian QB 3 or 5 years to be groomed, just so he can be a 2nd stringer..

besides, what Canadian QB will be as good as any of the starters today?

starters today that arnt that awesome... a K.J. comes to mind... bishop comes to mind... well, anyone that played in winnipeg this season. Hamilton has stated they want to "groom" there QB. so why not have a team do the same with a Canadian QB? its really not that unreasonable

The three that this thread is about !! and Josh Sacobie deserves mention as well!_ Can you name the last NCAA QB or NFL castoff who stepped into the CFL and from the first game was able to compete with established league starters ?

The three that this thread is about !! and Josh Sacobie deserves mention as well!_ Can you name the last NCAA QB or NFL castoff who stepped into the CFL and from the first game was able to compete with established league starters ?
I’d put my hard earned money up against that NOW!

none of these 3 guys are better than ANY of the Current Starters in the CFL! if you were to say that to any of the 6 Current HC’s in the CFL they’d all laugh their heads off, say to you “now that was funny, I needed that!” and then would proceed to throw you out!

they are not as good! and none of the Coaches will give them a chance.

there is only 1 way a Canadian QB will ever get a chance… by going South to the US for College.

re- CFLTHEBEST _Don't twist my post, No ncaa or NFL castoff is what i said ,trying to argue a point with a lie are ya? Of course it would take any one of the three , Brannagan ,Foulds or Glavick, or Sacobie or many other qualified C.I.S grads. _A year or two to earn 2nd string status in CFL as it does ncaa players.

Personally if I was running a CFL team I would take Brannigan and Glavic as my 2 and 3 QB's. I believe a CIS trained QB will have a much faster learning curve in the CFL and both truly impress me. Brannigan is a Pure passer the likes of Tom Clements and Glavic would be a good #2 guy who would be a change up with his maneuverability and toughness.