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[u]Canadian QBs at disadvantage until CFL rules change[/u] Kirk Penton, PostMedia

[b]VERO BEACH, Fla. -- The great Canadian quarterback debate is nothing new, but it's back in the news this year thanks to the strong combine performance and the talents of Manitoba Bisons pivot Jordan Yantz.

(Jim) Barker believes the solution is simple if Canadian quarterbacks are going to be developed at the professional level -- make him count towards the Canadian quota.

The idea has been discussed, and teams would want to be able to put another designated import on their roster if they develop a Canuck gunslinger. The belief is teams would abuse the system by signing a Canadian quarterback just so they could get another DI, and not develop the quarterback.

"Personally, I want to see Canadian quarterbacks get the same advantage as every other Canadian," Barker said.
If that rule had been in place years ago, Barker believes there would be Canadian quarterbacks on rosters today.

"I've said to people: If the rule was what I wish it was, there's a chance Danny Brannagan's still on our Toronto Argonauts," he said. "It makes it so tough for that guy when he's not competing the way every other Canadian in the organization is. It's totally a different situation for him, and it's not fair. But it's the way the rules are."

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But this goes agains't what the seymour's of the world (see ticats forum), want, open it all up to a free for all, no mandated Canadian positions at all. The best regardless of nationality or citizenship staus. The the CFL will become like the other 4 majors, so the saying goes, with the salaries to boot. :? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Do any of the Raptor fans yelling "WE ARE NORTH" or "WE THE NORTH", whatever it is :wink: care if any of the players are Canadian or not? Or Blue Jays fans care? NHL, ok, they know there are enough Canadians anyways in the mix.

Maybe it's time if the CFL wants to become more "major" to act as such" Or go the other direction and see to it that our own are able to show their skills at the pro level even if the NFL doesn't want them? :?

Hey new commish, sure you wanted the job? :wink: :wink: :wink:

Almost guaranteed that if national QBs were to count as nationals in the roster, teams would include a national player as their third "QB" in order to gain an extra international player somewhere else. And it probably wouldn't matter whether that third QB had ever played QB before or not.

On the other hand, if only the first and second QBs were to count toward the roster international count, then teams would be less likely to put an unqualified national QB in one of those spots just to gain a slight advantage somewhere else. This is similar to the rule stating that the third QB is not allowed to perform kicking duties.

But the QB would need to still be excluded from the starter count to eliminate the problem of having to have the international QBs take up DI spots. Teams should be allowed to switch QBs without restriction.

Unless the “advantage” is gained by teams playing a Canadian QB as the starter with two International backups, or dressing only two QBs with one Canadian, teams will just dress a 3rd string Canadian QB and have him hold a clipboard.

All things being equal, who are you going to put "into action" first, some Canadian who played in front of 3000 people at most who don't really care about football or some guy in the NCAA playing in front of 5 or 10 times that amount of people plus millions on TV who actually really do care about football. All things being equal. Not a difficult decision for a coach.

If the rules allow me to put a Canadian qb on the sidelines if he doesn't really stand out in pre-season, that's what I would do in a heartbeat and put my energy from a coaching standpoint into a guy who comes from a real football background and system and school. The rules are the rules.

The CFL has to make it so that Canadian CIS qb's have an unfair advantage if the league wants CIS qb's as true qbs in the CFL. But that day just isn't going to happen.

The CFL knows it's the Americans that showcase the league and from my understanding, even the Canadian CFL'ers admit that.

Earl, just a note on your first paragraph, on Saturday Ohio State played a Spring Football Game with 99,391 fans in attendance.

The first thing that's going to have to change is the attitude of the mostly American coaches in the CFL that Canadian boys can't play QB professionally. Been happening since the 60's and hasn't changed....

Our university sports in Canada never took off as real spectator events on a large scale like in the US. Sort of unfortunate since the CIS has a lot of excellent athletes. :?

Unreal challenger to get that many people out to a spring training session, well game as you say but at any rate I suppose these are like exhibition games of sorts? :o

Is there any proof that that's true? what about the Canadian coaches in the league, do they have the same bias? did Wally Buono or Cal Murphy or any of the other great Canadian coaches over the years have the same anti-Canadian bias? The current Redblacks coach is Canadian too. I don't think the coaches have any bias at all, they just coach and choose the best players based on performance.

I think that the QB position is the most important position on the team and we don't want to be throwing CIS players in there that have never faced the faster, tougher, heavier defenses it wouldn't be fair to the CIS QB. You need the best players available at that position.
Right now there are a couple of Canadian QBs that are playing in the NCAA they took the hard way no short cuts for them, let's hope that they will eventually make it to a CFL team, if they do make it to the CFL they will have earned it.
Keep the QB the one position that is "the best person for the job" there should be no rules at that position to benefit a player because they are Canadian.

These are games between the "A" Team and "B" Team of the same college. The number of fans that attend these "training" games is unreal.
I wish I knew more about Canadian High School and College football programs. I wish I knew more about the CFL.

Right now on the game day roster 42 players it is:
20 nationals
19 international
and 3 QB's who can be either. (So they are always international)

I say make it 50/50
21 nationals
21 internationals
A Canadian QB will make a team quickly because he will count toward this quota.

Proof? As in having an American CFL coach (the vast majority of CFL coaches are Yanks BTW) say so in public? Ain't gonna happen....but trust me, they think it. It's not as nasty as it was back in the 70's when I played my college ball (at that point many US coaches were convinced the Cdn content rule kept them from assembling the best team they could as it required too many Canadians) but I can tell you from first hand experience I played with a great Canadian Uni QB (Western Canada) who went to a CFL camp, played in an exhibition game, led the team to a big come from behind victory but got screwed around for a few games and was cut...even though the two US QB's on staff were badly beaten up.

There's too many really talented Canadian kids that have played CIS QB in the past 25 years....why have virtually none of them been able to play (allowed to play) at the CFL level? Only one reason.

Actually game day roster is 44 now. I have been saying that for years the only way Canadian QB's will get a chance to play in the CFL is the way most of the other Canadians do. Mandate X numbers of Canadians and X numbers of Americans. No special number of QBs. With the total roster numbers now of 44 it would be 21 Canadians and 23 Americans. 17 starting Americans and 7 starting Canadians. That leaves 6 extra Americans for Coaches to use as backups and if they wanted to use two of them for extra import QB's they still could. But the smart ones will look for a good young Canadian QB like Yantz to suit up as a third stringer giving them that extra import who can backup other positions. The Coaches would then have to work and groom the Canadian QB just like they have always done at the other positions.