Canadian QB to Start to Larks

The last week has some very interesting headlines. One of them for me, as a fan of the league, is that Montreal will give Brandon Bridge the start against Sasks. Although I hope he does tremendously well and this start opens the door for other Canadian QB’s, I just don’t see this happening. I don’t think we will see a regular Canadian QB started until the CANADIAN football league mandates one of the 3 QB’s a team has on the active roster be Canadian. Alternatively, they could expand to 4 QB’s which might help considering how they are dropping this year.

Since it means nothing in the standings, good luck Brandon!

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Many CFL fans have waited about two decades for a Canadian QB to start a game. And so I'm sure that there was more interest in today's game in Montreal than there usually would be between two teams that are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. Both teams were going to have their season end regardless of the outcome of the game. But it sure didn't look meaningless to the players, as the game was much more entertaining than one would expect. It sure wasn't meaningless to Bridge, and he made the most of this opportunity as he was named the player of the game by TSN in this one.

Bridge played the entire game, and I didn't think he would. But I suppose those other Montreal QBs were already given their chances, and it was Bridge's turn. And Bridge went 21/30 for 220 passing yards and threw two TD passes and no INTs. He also had 45 rushing yards on six carries, as you can see here:

Some may point out that Bridge went up against the league's worst defence, one that can make opposing QBs look good. But Bridge's numbers were more impressive than the ones the Crompton and Cato were able to get against that same team, as you can see here:

Montreal needs to decide which of the seven QBs they used this year to keep. I'm sure that Glenn will be the starter. But despite the OT loss, Bridge did look like he can succeed in this league and I can see him being a backup.

It was great to see Bridge hand the ball he threw for that first TD pass to his father (who made the road trip from Mississauga) near the end of the first half. And that second TD pass where Bridge avoided getting sacked before throwing that pass was one for the highlight reel.

Way to go, Brandon "Air Canada" Bridge.