Canadian QB Kurtis Rourke named MAC MVP and offensive player of the year



How cool would it be to have both Rourke brothers playing at a high level in the CFL someday?


Now would it be better if they were both in the same division or one in the West and one in the East?

I think one in West and one in East at this point. Would make for quite the storyline if both could guide their teams to the Grey Cup against the other.

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How great would it be if they decided to be a one/two punch for the Lions? If Porky's going to dream, dream big.


on the flip side it would suck to see either or both of them wasted on NFL practice rosters or 3rd string roles.

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Slightly more of a pipe dream @PorkyPine. Still if you dream - dream big.

Because of his height he has been on a lot of NFL Teams radar for a while so I doubt he's coming to Canada but never know.

It would be sad indeed but playing keep away with talent with the CFL is a prime occupation of NFL teams.

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You’re hilarious. You chastised me for wanting Drew Desjarlais back with the Bombers and not be wasted on a PR in the NFL. So they should waste their dream? They make more money on a PR in NFL is what you told me! In your words, “like a lot more”.

So, which way is it?

i don’t remember chastising you for wanting him back but i don’t blame any player for chasing their dream and getting paid, it just sucks when they leave the CFL. it does suck that Desjarlais doesn’t come back but it’s good for him if he can make an NFL roster and get paid. i don’t think Nathan Rourke is going to be back and if he gets a legit opportunity that’s great for him but sucks for CFL teams and fans.

brother Nathan: