Canadian QB in playing!

Orbin, former Rams player is in for the Riders.'s the dying minutes of the first pre-season game but what the heck. He's getting reps.

good for him, I hope he makes the team

Brings back memories of Larry Jusdanis!!

from the Rider site-" Following Jyles touchdown run in the 4th quarter, the reins of the team were handed to local draftee of the Regina Rams quarterback Teale Orban. He entered to a rawkus ovation"-------------____ IMHO Canadian Qb,s sell tickets!

^^^^ Good Canadian qb's sell tickets.

Drexl you agree that ,Makie, Sacobie, Archibald. to name a few, should also get a chance to develope in the CFL? :stuck_out_tongue: ... e=football

^^^ sure I'd rather see them on a teams roster rather than horrible qb's like Brad Banks, Stephen Jyles and Winnipeg's third guy.

Imagine what some of these guys could do with a "real" chance. They cant be that far off. Especially growing up playing the Canadian game.