Canadian QB discrimination case vs TiCats 1979

interesting to note that discrimination of Canadian QB's was firmly entrenched in the CFL by 1979 when a Western alum sued the TiCats for Human Rights/Employment Violations and won.

..and curious that similar cases such as this have not occurred since this precedent ruling. (to my knowledge)

[b]University of Western Ontario quarterback Jamie Bone attended Tiger-Cats training camp but was cut. He took the Tiger-Cats to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, alleging that he was never given a fair chance to compete for a quarterback position because he was Canadian.

During the proceedings, the Tiger Cats admitted that they had made up their mind on who the starters would be.
Bone won his case, and the tribunal awarded him $10,000.
The Tiger-Cats were awarded to give him a 14 day tryout in 1980.[/b]

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I agree he got a raw deal... I would not be surprised to see that happen though... unless another Russ Jackson comes along, I wouldn't expect to see a starting Canadian QB anytime soon

but how will they know if another Russ Jackson comes along if coaches/GM's continue to dismiss Canadians for the QB position?

Notable Canadian prospect Kyle Quinlan retired essentially for this reason, and is also why fellow Hec Crighton winner Brad Sinopoli ultimately switched to receiver in order to remain in pro football.

Canadian QBs are just not given full opportunity to play or develop so the cycle of inequity will continue..

The only way we'll see Canadian QB will a legitimate change to start would be for the CFL will have to designate one QB spot per team for a national, that QB could then spend a few seasons on the roster getting ready to play.

Or how about a Canadian QB that actually earns a starting role - one that stands out in high school and gets a scholarship to an NCAA school!! You have to earn the top spot on a team, the QB position is too valuable to give anyone a pass or an easy way to be QB.
I just read about a Canadian kid that went to high school in the US because they thought it was the best way to the top to be a QB, he just received a scholarship to a NCAA school. This is the type of kid that deserves a shot in the CFL !!

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There will be no other Russ Jackson until the league does something to urge a QB roster spot.

Or as I stated above - a Canadian works his butt off EARNS a scholarship at an NCAA school and has played with the big boys.

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Who says playing in NCAA is a prerequisite for playing in the CFL, this argument is just plain B.S.

yeah...i replied to the second post, as quoted, and hadn't read that far down

why would NCAA teams give their roster spots to Canadians?? just bunk , discrimination in the CFL must end!!

Why not? they give Canadians roster spots now.
I don’t see it as discrimination…US players have a lot more experience on average…no way around it. Southern US football is competitive at peewee level…much like Canada’s hockey system USED to be so dominant (still great, just not as dominant). They simply have a better development system.

so a Canadian kid who works his butt off in a CIS program does not deserve a chance?

at least CIS QB's have experience actually playing Canadian football, whereas NCAA recruits require time and tutelage to learn the game, many of which find the nuances too difficult to grasp after many years playing the American version.

As of now , there is no Canadian QB good enough to beat out a American for a starter or back up.. They are better trained, with better coaching, equipment, all year around training. Our guys need to start developing earlier. if they don't have the tools by the time they reach the CIS , it's too late. We need to start putting money towards coaching and developing our kids. Another issue is, every American's first choice is to be a QB in the NFL . In Canada , it's to center the top line in the NHL . Football is 4th down the list of sports to play in this country. The other issue is, the States has a pop. of 330 million to our 30 .

from what i understand, currently, there are 400 Canadian kids playing in the NCAA,NCAA1

Don't think i can agree with this line of thought. and if you look at it, the exception already exists.

Roster rules call for 3 QB's. National or International is not part of the equation at the QB position, that way a National can play, and be subbed for by an International without effecting the teams ratio.

We will see a Canadian QB when one is good enough to earn a spot at that position.

Do you really think of all the braintrust, coaches, GM's, and scouts in the league that not a single one of them would recognize when a player who is Canadian has the tools to excel at the position?

Is it frustrating? yes. Do we all want to see a fellow Canuck lead an offence at the games most important position? yes. Is there a current conspiracy against this happening? all logic says no.

There is no discrimination , there is nobody currently good enough . Please don't say Kyle Quenlin , no shot. Our kids are behind the curve when they compete with their American counterparts . Which they openly admit. It needs to start when the kids are 14 and 15. Not their last year of CIS.

Who said that a Canadian kid who came out of the CIS does not deserve a chance? the past couple of years the CFL has signed CIS QBs including Quinlan, Sinopoli and a couple of others, all given chances to shine. The advantage of an NCAA QB is that they have a much longer training regime, better coaches, longer season and they have faced far superior defenses where players have moved on to the NFL.
A CIS QB has only faced CIS defensive linemen. As for NCAA recruits finding it difficult to grasp the Canadian game??? aren't all of our starting QBs and backups ex-NCAA players?
The QB position is far too important to start giving breaks or benefits to a player just because he's from the CIS.
The QB should always be a position that the best person for the job starts I don't care what nationality he is.

How many CIS qb,s that have ad very good CIS careers, go on to have two or three seasons as a back up in the CFL.

CIS grads can play O line, FB receiver DB LB DL RB and Kicker but just not good at QB :roll:

Same old B.S.

It's called the Quota, if that didn't exist you would see less Canadians on every team .

Something I would not want to see. So why not include QBs in this quota?

I can see not including the third QB in the national / international counts, as teams would probably just hire a national player, any national person for that matter, hand him a clipboard and call him a QB, thereby getting an extra spot for an international player. But including the first and second QBs in the counts? What team would dare putting an unqualified player in one of those spots? So doing this might have pretty much zero impact today.

But what about a team that has a long term plan? A team that sees the benefit of getting an extra international spot a couple of years down the road by developing a national QB, with the intention of promoting him to the number 2 or 1 spot if and when he shows that he can handle the higher level pro game?

If and when, of course. And no obligation for teams to carry a Canadian QB. Just incentive to play one if they find one that is capable. Are we sure that there are no Canadian QBs coming out of the CIS system who, after a couple of years mentoring, practice, and possible game play, could compete with the stream of backup QBs who parade through the league every year?

NCAA schools will never give scholarships to a Canadian to play at the QB spot for a number of reasons.

  • NCAA schools don't scout Canadian high schools to the same extent as they do with American high schools, so don't have as many eyes looking for QBs in Canada.
  • Canadian high schools don't tend to have as much game film available on their players.
  • Even if they do happen to see Canadian high school QBs play, there is a perception (and probable reality) that they are playing against inferior defences, so their success isn't as impressive.
  • Ability at the QB position can't be judged in a quick tryout, unlike other positions.

I think the only Canadian QB who might have had a chance at an NCAA scholarship straight out of Canadian high school was Will Finch, mainly because American coaches got a chance to see him play against (and beat) a team of near-top American high school players. And now Michael O'Connor, who was fortunate enough (with emphasis on "fortune" there) to be able to go to an American high school to gain exposure after playing a couple of years at an elite private Canadian high school, which I suspect had some pretty impressive football coaches on their payroll. (They hired a top-tier rugby coach from Ireland a number of years ago. In the words of John Hammond, they "spared no expense." But when trying to recruit the sons and daughters of millionaires and billionaires, spending money is kind of required.) Other than that, no idea if there are any others.