Canadian QB Development roster spot

A development Canadian QB roster spot is necessary. Where every team has to carry 1 Canadian QB on a roster either active roster or practice squad. That QB could only have 2 seasons of eligibility with that development spot after that they would have to compete to be on a roster or be cut. I know that many people will say that they aren't enough Canadian QBs out there but I think the reason some don't move on to the CFL is that they know there's a stigma towards Canadian QBs. This is similar to the U Sports development spot that CEBL has. We have to put more focus on developing Canadian players. Why we don't want to see our own country men and women I don't undersatand.


I would rather the CFL count the QB as part of the required number of Nationals a team needs to field. If a team wants a Canadian QB then they should be able to count that in the ratio. This will have teams making decisions to give Canadian QBs more of a chance and put value on the position.


yea just remove the QB designation from the roster. Just dress 46 or whatever and 21 or whatever need to be Canadian regardless of position. There are too many roster and substitution rules. It's silly.


It was all brought in back in the day because some teams would risk having someone whi hadn't been a starting quarterback since high school (exaggeration for effect) as their backup to get another "American" onto the roster.